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Phoenix Contact
Varioface Series
TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine
19252 Series
TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

19252 Series

Unshielded, D-Sub Cable Assemblies

TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine

Unshielded female sockets or male pins to individual wire leads, D-sub cable assemblies

  • 2nd Connector:Individual Wire Leads
  • Color:Multiple, Individual
  • Contact Finish:Nickel
  • Length:1.50' (457.20mm)
  • Number of Positions:9 ~ 51
  • Shielding:Unshielded

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1925215-91925215-9CONN DSUB ASSY 15POS Plug, Male PinsIndividual Wire LeadsDB1515RoHS
1925217-91925217-9CONN DSUB ASSY 25POS Plug, Male PinsIndividual Wire LeadsDB25, Micro-D25RoHS
1925214-91925214-9CONN DSUB ASSY 9POS Plug, Male PinsIndividual Wire LeadsDB099RoHS
1925219-91925219-9CONN DSUB ASSY 37POS Plug, Male PinsIndividual Wire LeadsDB3737RoHS
1925222-91925222-9CONN DSUB ASSY 15POS Receptacle, Female SocketsIndividual Wire LeadsDB1515RoHS
1925224-91925224-9CONN DSUB ASSY 25POS Receptacle, Female SocketsIndividual Wire LeadsDB2525RoHS
1925226-91925226-9CONN DSUB ASSY 37POS Receptacle, Female SocketsIndividual Wire LeadsDB3737RoHS
1925227-91925227-9CONN DSUB ASSY 51POS Receptacle, Female SocketsIndividual Wire LeadsDB5151RoHS
1925221-91925221-9CONN DSUB ASSY 9POS Receptacle, Female SocketsIndividual Wire LeadsDB099RoHS

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