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Crystek Corporation
CBPFS Series
ECS Inc.
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CBPFS Series

SAW Band Pass Filter

Crystek Corporation

Crystek’s line of SAW Band Pass Filters are designed in a rugged SMA housing. This filter line has excellent out-of-band rejection. Designed for Test Equipment and General Lab Use.

  • SAW Band Pass Filter
  • 50Ω SMA Connectors
  • Test equipment
  • Lab use
  • Applications:Lab Use
  • Bandwidth:7MHz ~ 83.5MHz
  • Frequency - Center:836.5MHz ~ 2.4418GHz
  • Insertion Loss:1.66dB ~ 3dB
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging (In-Line)
  • Package / Case:Inline, SMA Connection, F and M
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Size / Dimension:0.435" Dia x 1.313" L (11.05mm x 33.34mm)

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CBPFS-0915CBPFS-0915FILTER SAW 915MHZ INLINE Bulk915MHz26MHz2.2dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-0866CBPFS-0866FILTER SAW 866.5MHZ INLINE Bulk866.5MHz7MHz2.2dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-1575CBPFS-1575FILTER SAW 1.57542GHZ INLINE Bulk1.57542GHz60MHz2.6dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-2441CBPFS-2441FILTER SAW 2.4418GHZ INLINE Bulk2.4418GHz83.5MHz3dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-0881CBPFS-0881FILTER SAW 881.5MHZ INLINE Bulk881.5MHz25MHz2.2dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-0902CBPFS-0902FILTER SAW 902.5MHZ INLINE Bulk902.5MHz25MHz2dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-1960CBPFS-1960FILTER SAW 1.96GHZ INLINE Bulk1.96GHz60MHz1.76dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-1880CBPFS-1880FILTER SAW 1.88GHZ INLINE Bulk1.88GHz60MHz1.66dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS
CBPFS-0836CBPFS-0836FILTER SAW 836.5MHZ INLINE Bulk836.5MHz25MHz1.8dBInline, SMA Connection, F and MRoHS

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