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Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.
CHILL iM Series
Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.
CHILL V Series
Laird Thermal Systems, Inc.
MRC 150 Series
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CHILL V Series

Re-circulating Chiller, Portable Chiller System

Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.

ATS’ portable chiller series, the ATS-Chill150V, ATS-Chill300V and ATS-Chill600V are refrigeration-based systems that provide chilled water for cooling purposes. The chilled water can be sent to a cold plate, a submersible heat exchanger or any other system that needs to be cooled. The temperature of the chilled water can be easily set from the front panel. The front panel also shows the pressure drop between inlet and outlet. These chillers are air cooled, eliminating costly water cooling circuits.

  • System operations
  • Thermostatic control
  • Fast response
  • Temperature control
  • Mobility
  • Reliability
Applications :
  • Laboratory testing
  • Industrial processing
  • Sensor calibrations
  • Bio-Medical testing
  • Laser thermal management
  • Component characterization
  • Power - Cooling:150W ~ 600W
  • Product Type:Active, Recirculating Chiller

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ATS-CHILL150VATS-CHILL150VRECIRC CHILLER 220V 150W Active, Recirculating Chiller150W220V1.85-2.64GPM (7.0-10.0LPM)RoHS
ATS-CHILL300VATS-CHILL300VRECIRC CHILLER 15LPM 300W Active, Recirculating Chiller300W120/220VAC3.96GPM (15.0LPM)RoHS
ATS-CHILL600VATS-CHILL600VRECIRC CHILLER 15LPM 600W Active, Recirculating Chiller600W120/220VAC3.96GPM (15.0LPM)RoHS

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