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Matrix Orbital
Full Color Parallel TFTs
Matrix Orbital
Matrix Orbital
GTT35A Series


Graphic LCD Displays

Matrix Orbital

Matrix Orbitals most versatile displays can be programmed to display any font, in any size, and in any language. With graphic displays you can easily add multi-language support to any application that uses a display.

Product Description

Control of these modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered to the modules via RS232, I²C or USB communications protocols. Graphic functions include primitives such as bitmaps, pixels, lines, rectangles and bar graphs.

  • Upload your own fonts for a customized look
  • Communicate over RS232, I²C or USB
  • Backlight:LED - White
  • Display Mode:Transmissive
  • Display Type:Monochrome

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GLK12232-25-FGWGLK12232-25-FGWLCD GRAPHIC DISPL 122X32 WHT/BLKMonochromeTransmissive--RoHS
GLK24064-25-FGWGLK24064-25-FGWLCD GRAPIC DISPL 240X64 WHT/GRAYMonochromeTransmissive--RoHS
GLK19264A-7T-1U-FGWGLK19264A-7T-1U-FGWDISPL LCD GRAPH 192X64 I2C WHITEMonochromeTransmissive--RoHS
GLK12232A-25-SM-GW-VSGLK12232A-25-SM-GW-VSLCD GRAPHIC DISPL 122X32 WHT/GRYMonochromeTransmissive--RoHS
GLK19264A-7T-1U-WBGLK19264A-7T-1U-WBDISPL LCD GRAPH 192X64 I2C BLUE MonochromeTransmissive--RoHS
GLK19264A-7T-1U-TCIGLK19264A-7T-1U-TCIDISPL LCD GRAPH 192X64 I2C BLACKMonochromeTransmissive--RoHS
GLK12232-25-USB-FGWGLK12232-25-USB-FGWLCD GRAPHIC 122X32 GRY/WHT MonochromeTransmissive--RoHS
GLK19264A-7T-1U-USB-FGWGLK19264A-7T-1U-USB-FGWDISPL LCD GRAPH 192X64 USB WHITEMonochromeTransmissive--RoHS

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Matrix Orbital SCCPC5V
Category: Optoelectronics-Display Modules-Accessories-Cables