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PLD Series
SICK, Inc.
i10 Lock, i14 Lock, i110 Lock and i1200 Lock Series
SICK, Inc.
i10R, i110R and i110P Series
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i10 Lock, i14 Lock, i110 Lock and i1200 Lock Series

Electro-Mechanical Safety Switch

SICK, Inc.

Safety Locking Devices

  • IP67
  • Safety switch with separate actuator
  • Actuator Type:Panel Disconnect
  • Mechanical Life:1,000,000 Cycles
  • Mounting Type:Chassis Mount
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Voltage Rating - AC:24V ~ 240V
  • Voltage Rating - DC:24V

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I14-M0213I14-M0213SWITCH SAFETY 2NC/1NO 3A/2A 3PST-2NC/1NOOn-Off, Off-On3A (AC), 2A (DC)240V
I10-M0233I10-M0233SWITCH SAFETY 2NC/1NO 4A 3PST-2NC/1NOOn-Off, Off-On4A (AC/DC)230V
I10-E0453I10-E0453SWITCH SAFETY 4NC 4A 4PST-NCOn-Off4A (AC/DC)230V
I10-E0233I10-E0233SWITCH SAFETY 3NC/1NO 4A 4PST-3NC/1NOOn-Off, Off-On4A (AC/DC)230V
I10-E0313S02I10-E0313S02SWITCH SAFETY 3NC/1NO 4A 4PST-3NC/1NOOn-Off, Off-On4A (AC/DC)230V
I200-M0323I200-M0323SWITCH SAFETY 3NV/2NO 3A 5PST-3NC/2NOOn-Off, Off-On3A (AC/DC)240V
I200-E0323I200-E0323SWITCH SAFETY 3NC/2NO 3A 5PST-3NC/2NOOn-Off, Off-On3A (AC/DC)240V
I200-M0413I200-M0413SWITCH SAFETY 4NC/1NO 3A 5PST-4NC/1NOOn-Off3A (AC/DC)240V
I10-M0453I10-M0453SWITCH SAFETY 2NC 4A DPST-NCOn-Off4A (AC/DC)230V
I110-E0354I110-E0354SWITCH SAFETY 1NC 1A SPST-NCOn-Off1A (AC/DC)24V

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SICK, Inc. IE10-S2
Category: Electromechanical-Switches-Accessories, Kits-Keys