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Alpha Wire
Multi-Conductor, Industrial Ethernet Collection
Alpha Wire
Multi-Conductor, LSZH Cable
Alpha Wire
Multi-Conductor, Security and Data Cable

Multi-Conductor, LSZH Cable

Multi-Conductor, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), Cables

Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire’s low-smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) communication and control cable combines LSZH-rated insulation and jackets with the rugged performance you expect from Alpha. The specially formulated LSZH material minimizes the effects from smoke and harmful corrosive gases in the event of combustion. Low smoke means easier visibility in exiting the area and reduced danger of smoke inhalation, while low toxicity means no harm to people from halogenated gases.

  • LSZH materials for low smoke properties and reduced toxicity
  • Tinned copper conductors resist corrosion
  • Stranded conductors for installation flexibility
  • Foil shielded, overall or individual pairs, for EMI protection, and improved signal integrity
  • Color-coded conductor insulation for easy identification
  • Cable Type:Multi-Conductor
  • Conductor Insulation:Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
  • Conductor Material:Copper, Tinned
  • Jacket (Insulation) Material:Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
  • Jacket (Insulation) Thickness:0.0250" (0.635mm)
  • Jacket Color:Slate
  • Number of Conductors:2 ~ 10
  • Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ 75°C
  • Usage:Communication, Control
  • Voltage:300V
  • Wire Gauge:20 AWG ~ 22 AWG

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1896/5L SL0051896/5L SL005CABLE 5COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor520 AWG7/28RoHS
1172L SL0051172L SL005CABLE 2COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor222 AWG7/30RoHS
1895L SL0051895L SL005CABLE 2COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor220 AWG7/28RoHS
1173L SL0051173L SL005CABLE 3COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor322 AWG7/30RoHS
1896L SL0051896L SL005CABLE 3COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor320 AWG7/28RoHS
1174L SL0051174L SL005CABLE 4COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor422 AWG7/30RoHS
1175L SL0051175L SL005CABLE 5COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor522 AWG7/30RoHS
1896/4L SL0051896/4L SL005CABLE 4COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor420 AWG7/28RoHS
1176L SL0051176L SL005CABLE 6COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor622 AWG7/30RoHS
1177L SL0051177L SL005CABLE 7COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor722 AWG7/30RoHS
1179L SL0051179L SL005CABLE 9COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor922 AWG7/30RoHS
1180L SL0051180L SL005CABLE 10COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor1022 AWG7/30RoHS
1178L SL0051178L SL005CABLE 8COND 22AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor822 AWG7/30RoHS
1896/6L SL0051896/6L SL005CABLE 6COND 20AWG SLATE 100' Multi-Conductor620 AWG7/28RoHS
1172L SL0011172L SL001CABLE 2COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor222 AWG7/30RoHS
1173L SL0011173L SL001CABLE 3COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor322 AWG7/30RoHS
1895L SL0011895L SL001CABLE 2COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor220 AWG7/28RoHS
1174L SL0011174L SL001CABLE 4COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor422 AWG7/30RoHS
1175L SL0011175L SL001CABLE 5COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor522 AWG7/30RoHS
1896/4L SL0011896/4L SL001CABLE 4COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor420 AWG7/28RoHS
1896L SL0011896L SL001CABLE 3COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor320 AWG7/28RoHS
1176L SL0011176L SL001CABLE 6COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor622 AWG7/30RoHS
1177L SL0011177L SL001CABLE 7COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor722 AWG7/30RoHS
1896/5L SL0011896/5L SL001CABLE 5COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor520 AWG7/28RoHS
1178L SL0011178L SL001CABLE 8COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor822 AWG7/30RoHS
1179L SL0011179L SL001CABLE 9COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor922 AWG7/30RoHS
1896/6L SL0011896/6L SL001CABLE 6COND 20AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor620 AWG7/28RoHS
1180L SL0011180L SL001CABLE 10COND 22AWG SLATE 1000' Multi-Conductor1022 AWG7/30RoHS

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