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American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation
PLCC-4 Tri-Color (RGB) Round with Flat Top LED
Crowd Supply, Inc.
Neosegment Digit Modular
Digital RGB LED Strip 60 LED - 3mm Weatherproof
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Neosegment Digit Modular

CS-NEOSEGMENT-01 - Open Source RGB Seven Segment Display

Crowd Supply, Inc.

Neosegment Digit is a modular, open source RGB Seven Segment Display that simplifies displaying numeric information. Capable of showing digits and other symbols in any color without additional circuitry, it is a big upgrade from regular seven segment displays. Makers of all skill levels can use Neosegment in their project without soldering. Neosegment communicates with microprocessors via a single data pin, is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32 and other architectures. Makers can chain any number of Neosegments together to create compelling and highly visible displays.

  • Color:Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
  • Configuration:7 Segment
  • Interface:Serial (Shift Register)
  • Mounting Type:User Defined
  • Number of LEDs:2 Digit
  • Size / Dimension:1.575" H x 1.181" W x 0.197" D (40.00mm x 30.00mm x 5.00mm)
  • Utilized LED:WS2812 (5050)