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Marlow Industries, Inc.
CM Series
Marlow Industries, Inc.
NL2076 Series
Marlow Industries, Inc.
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NL2076 Series

Two-Stages Thermoelectric Module

Marlow Industries, Inc.

Ideal for large temperature differentials and large heat pumping application.

  • Rated operating temperature of 130°C
  • Superior nickel diffusion barriers on elements
  • High strength for rugged environment
  • Pre-tinned metallized ceramic surfaces(s) with 117°C solder option available
  • Current - Max:7.2A
  • Delta Tmax @ Th:80°C @ 27°C
  • Features:Exterior Metallization (Both Sides), Lead Wires
  • Operating Temperature:85°C
  • Outline L x W x H:40.00mm x 40.00mm x 7.00mm
  • Qmax @ Th:44.6W @ 27°C
  • Resistance:1.93 Ohms
  • Voltage - Max:15.5V