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Character LCD Displays

Matrix Orbital LK202-25-WB

Supplier: Matrix Orbital

Subtitle: Intelligent Series
Description: Covering the most popular liquid crystal display configurations, control of the modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered via RS232, RS422, I²C and USB. Meant to save time and money, Matrix Orbital has worked to ensure that the tedious timing and special conditions typical of dis...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED Character and Numeric


Matrix Orbital LK162A-4T-WB

Supplier: Matrix Orbital

Subtitle: Intelligent Alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display
Description: The LK162A-4T is an intelligent alphanumeric liquid crystal display designed to decrease development time by providing an instant solution to any project. In addition to the RS232, TTL and I²C protocols available in the standard model, the USB communication model allows the LK162A-4T to be connec...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED Character and Numeric


Matrix Orbital LK162B-7T

Supplier: Matrix Orbital

Subtitle: Intelligent Alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display
Description: The LK162B-7T is a powerful intelligent interface rich with features for any project application. Featuring a 16 character by 2 line serial LCD (RS232/TTL/I2C) which offers a 7 key tactile keypad with 3 versatile bi-colour status indicating LEDs and Piezo Buzzer for audio feedback. Has a custom s...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED Character and Numeric

7'' HDMI Display with Capacitive Touchscreen

DFRobot DFR0506

Supplier: DFRobot

Subtitle: DFR0506 - 7'' HDMI Display with Capacitive Touchscreen
Description: This is a 7 HDMI display with capacitive touchscreen. It comes with a 7" LCD screen with capacitive touch panel overlay on it. The touch panel supports up to 5 touch points. And it adopts DFRobot USB free-driver technology, no special requirement of drivers. You can use it as easy as keyboard or ...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED, Graphic

Gravity: I²C LCD1602 Arduino LCD Display Module (Blue)

Supplier: DFRobot

Subtitle: DFR0555 - Gravity: I²C LCD1602 Arduino LCD Display Module (Blue)
Description: The LCD1602 module is a product of the DFRobot Gravity IIC series, which has been greatly optimized for its original LCD1602 appearance. This module does not need to adjust the contrast, retain the backlight controllable function, and simultaneously compatible with 3.3V and 5V voltage. The optimi...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED, Graphic

RGB LCD Backlight Module

Supplier: DFRobot

Subtitle: FIT0562 - RGB LCD Backlight Module
Description: DFRobot has a Gravity I²C LCD1602 RGB Backlight Screen which backlight can be modulated to the different backlight colors and the display effect is very brilliant. This RGB LCD backlight panel is its internal backlight component. The RGB LCD backlight panel uses the RGB color model, this is an in...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED, Graphic

EVE TFT Series

Matrix Orbital EVE2-50G-BLM-TPC

Supplier: Matrix Orbital

Subtitle: EVE TFT Series
Description: The Matrix Orbital EVE lineup utilizes FTDI's second generation Embedded Video Engine (EVE) to control, render, manage and display complex graphics on a full color TFT touch screen. By taking advantage of the 1MB of graphics RAM, motion-JPEG encoded AVI videos can be played back in both portrait ...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED, Graphic

Full Color Parallel TFTs

Matrix Orbital MOP-TFT320240-35A-BLM-TPN

Supplier: Matrix Orbital

Subtitle: Full Color Parallel TFTs Feature Vivid 16-Bit Color
Description: Matrix Orbital's parallel TFTs offer a cost-effective alternative to its premium GTT series of intelligent displays. Designed for the advanced user and available with resistive, capacitive, or without touch input, these displays feature an industry-standard RGB communication interface for simple ...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED, Graphic


Matrix Orbital GLK12232-25-FGW

Supplier: Matrix Orbital

Subtitle: Graphic LCD Displays
Description: Matrix Orbitals most versatile displays can be programmed to display any font, in any size, and in any language. With graphic displays you can easily add multi-language support to any application that uses a display.

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED, Graphic

GTT35A Series

Matrix Orbital GTT38A-TPR-BLH-B0-H1-CS-VPT

Supplier: Matrix Orbital

Subtitle: 3.5" Touch Screen 320x240 TFT, Serial RS232 Interface
Description: The Matrix Orbital GTT35A is a full colour TFT display with an integrated touch screen, crafted to become a crisp, controllable canvas for creativity. Utilizing an extended version of widely used command library and industry standard communication protocols, the customizable GTT35A series contain...

Category: OptoelectronicsDisplay ModulesLCD, OLED, Graphic