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BK Series

Knowles BK-21600-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: High Performance Audio Products, Specialty Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature, End Port
Description: BK Series speakers provide broadband performance at value pricing. They are commonly used for full- range in ear speakers and communications utilizing an earplug design.

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

CB Series

Knowles CB-23817-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: High Performance Audio Products, Specialty Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature, Edge And Face Port
Description: The CB Series transceiver offers high electroacoustic efficiency to conserve power in push to talk radio handsets and other battery operated equipment. The CB is available with mounting pins to facilitate assembly to a PC board. Model CB-23817-000 is designed to survive submersion in water.

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

CI Series

Knowles CI Series

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: High Performance Audio Products, Specialty Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature, End Port
Description: Knowles’ largest and most powerful speaker, the CI series is the speaker of choice. With its high efficiency and a 143dB SPL maximum output, the CI speaker provides optimal low frequency performance.

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

CM Series

Knowles CM-23299-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: High Performance Audio Products, Specialty Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature, Face Port
Description: The CM Series delivers the benefits of balanced armature technology in a compact finished package. The CM is ideal for use in situations where a non-contacting headset is required, but signal voltage is limited – as is common for radios and wireless telephones. The CM also conserves battery power...

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

DFK Series

Knowles DFK-30041-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: Hearing Instrument
Description: The DFK receiver is two FK receivers joined cover to cover to provide significant reduction in vibration signature while increasing output power by 6dB.

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

DTEC Series

Knowles DTEC-30008-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: Balanced Armature Speaker, Magnetic, Balanced Armature, End Port
Description: The DTEC Series combines two TEC speaker elements with a single round port. Case size is equivalent to BK/EF. DTEC provides increased output and reduced vibration compared to a single speaker.

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

Dual Tweeter Receiver

Knowles DWFK-31785-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: Magnetic, Balanced Armature, End Port, Dual Tweeter Receiver

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

EC Series

Knowles EC-23097-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: High Performance Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature
Description: EC Series speakers are commonly used in isolating earphones for radio communication. Knowles' balanced-armature, magnetic technology to give high efficiency, stability and reliability.

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

ED/FED Series

Knowles ED-29689-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: High Performance Specialty Speakers, Magnetic, Balanced Armature
Description: Knowles' most versatile and most popular receiver, the ED series powers applications ranging from Standard BTE aids and Mini-BTE aids to Full Concha and Half Concha ITE instruments. The ED is made even more functional by the addition of ferrofluid. Its shock survivability makes it a robust receiv...

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers

EF Series

Knowles EF-21935-000

Supplier: Knowles

Subtitle: Hearing Instruments
Description: EF series represents a precise balance of output power and compact size. Its length-width-height ratio provides an optimum fit that helps maximize BTE space and layout considerations while still providing superior acoustic output. A full range of Knowles' Pantograph™, Ferrofluid™, and Vibration...

Category: ElectromechanicalAudio ProductsSpeakers