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Selected Category: Electromechanical Remove
Selected Suppliers: Standex-Meder Electronics Remove

LI Series

Standex-Meder Electronics LI Series

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: Reed Relays SPST-NO, Non Latching Coil Type, Through Hole Mounting, PC Pin Terminals
Description: The LI series offers the maximum distance between coil and switch in the smallest possible housing. The LI series offers the maximum distance between coil and switch in the smallest possible housing.

Category: ElectromechanicalRelaysReed Relays

MRX Series

Standex-Meder Electronics MRX12-1A71

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: Reed Relay
Description: The MRX series reed relay is used for the galvanic separation of intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe circuits with an Ex-approval by PTB-01 ATEX 2050 U. The MRX series is also suitable for circuits of the category “ia” due to its peak voltage of 375 Voltage.

Category: ElectromechanicalRelaysReed Relays

MS Series

Standex-Meder Electronics MS Series

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: MICRO SIL Reed Relay
Description: MICRO SIL is a compact version of the SIL Reed Relay Series using only 15.2 x 3.81 mm of board space which is half the standard SIL requirement.

Category: ElectromechanicalRelaysReed Relays

RM Series

Standex-Meder Electronics RM05-8A-SP

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: RF Reed Relay Module
Description: The RM05-4A-S-4/2 and RM05-2A2B-S-4/2 are low-profile 4 input / 2 output Relay Modules with an FR-4 substrate and rugged thermoset epoxy overmold. Capable of switching beyond 3 GHz with <40ps rise times, this Relay Module switches into the billions of operations.

Category: ElectromechanicalRelaysReed Relays

SHV Series

Standex-Meder Electronics SHV Series

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: Reed Relays
Description: The SHV reed relay is a single in-line and high voltage relay or instrumentation grade reed relay supplied in a molded housing, capable of switching up to 1kVDC and breakdown voltage of 4kVDC.

Category: ElectromechanicalRelaysReed Relays

SIL Series

Standex-Meder Electronics SIL Series

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: Single In Line Reed Relays
Description: Single In Line Reed Relays reduce the required space to a minimum. Requiring only half the PCB area of the DIP or DIL series, the SIL relays offer all the advantages of Reed Technology.

Category: ElectromechanicalRelaysReed Relays

UMS Series

Standex-Meder Electronics UMS05-1A80-75D

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: Single-In-Line Reed Relays
Description: The UMS Series Reed Relay is MEDER's smallest single-in-line relay. These UMS relays offer the same electrical characteristics as its larger SIL relay equivalent. Their ultra slim upright overmolded body design and internal magnetic shield, allow these UMS relays to be used in very closely stac...

Category: ElectromechanicalRelaysReed Relays

GR560 Series

Standex-Meder Electronics GR560152001

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: Reed Switches - Professional Grade
Description: General-purpose miniature reed switch with rhodium contacts. Gives superior life switching relatively heavy loads in a miniature glass package.

Category: ElectromechanicalSwitchesMagnetic, Reed Switches

KSK Series

Standex-Meder Electronics KSK-1C90U-1015

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: Non-Standard (Axial), Reed Switches
Description: SPST-NO and SPDT, Axial (2 or 3 Leads) terminals, magnet not specified.

Category: ElectromechanicalSwitchesMagnetic, Reed Switches

MK01 Series

Standex-Meder Electronics MK01 Series

Supplier: Standex-Meder Electronics

Subtitle: J-Lead Surface Mount Reed Switches
Description: The MK01 sensor offers a selection of magnetically operated Reed proximity switches with J-lead connections for SMD mounting. The sensors are provided in standard 32 mm tape according to IEC 286 / part 3. Several AT ranges for the pull-in / drop-out sensitivities are available. Low profile packag...

Category: ElectromechanicalSwitchesMagnetic, Reed Switches