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Current Sense

Silicon Labs Current Sense

Supplier: Silicon Labs

Subtitle: Current Sense Amplifiers
Description: Silicon Laboratories' current sense amplifiers are the lowest power and lowest offset current amplifiers. They consume a very low supply current and are tighter than any other low power current sense amplifier.

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsLinearAmplifiersOperational Amplifiers (OP Amps)Current Sense1 Circuit

Isolation, Error

Silicon Labs Isolation, Error

Supplier: Silicon Labs

Subtitle: Isolation Amplifiers
Description: Silicon Labs offers galvanically isolated analog amplifiers. Their low-voltage differential input is ideal for measuring voltage across a current shunt resistor or for any place where a sensor must be isolated from the control system. The output is a differential analog signal amplified by either...

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsLinearAmplifiersSpecial Purpose AmplifiersIsolation, Error

Video Processing

Silicon Labs Video Processing

Supplier: Silicon Labs

Description: Silicon Labs offers ICs for video processing applications.

Category: Semiconductors, Development ToolsLinearVideo Processing