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Adafruit Industries LLC 3368

Supplier: Adafruit Industries LLC

Subtitle: Miniature 5V Cooling Fan
Description: Hook up this 5V Mini Cooling Fan and prevent your hard-working Raspberry Pi from overheating, and great for use with any small computer or FPGA or motor driver or anything that needs cooling.

Category: Thermal ProductsDC FansTubeaxial

Fan Filters

Essentra Components RCP-120-T

Supplier: Essentra Components

Subtitle: Fan Filter Assembly
Description: Fan filter set 120 x 120.

Category: Thermal ProductsFinger Guards and Filters

Fan Guard

Essentra Components RCOFM-60

Supplier: Essentra Components

Subtitle: Fan Guard, Snap-In Fan Guard
Description: Variety of fan guards from Essentra Components.

Category: Thermal ProductsFinger Guards and Filters

TO-2xx Series

Essentra Components TO-220-68

Supplier: Essentra Components

Subtitle: Transistor Insulator Pad
Description: This is a transistor insulator pad that provides electrical insulation. The length of this part is 1.13 in. It is made of gray silicone rubber and fiberglass composite.

Category: Thermal ProductsPads, Sheets


Adafruit Industries LLC 1335

Supplier: Adafruit Industries LLC

Subtitle: Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooler Module and Heatsink Assembly
Description: The 12V Peltier module is mounted onto a 12V heatsink and fan assembly with thermal paste and an aluminum clamp. Simply connect to 12V 5A+ power supply.

Category: Thermal ProductsThermoelectric, Peltier Assemblies

Accessories and Hardware

Essentra Components FMM-1

Supplier: Essentra Components

Subtitle: Fan Mount, Rivets and Gaskets

Category: Thermal ProductsAccessories, Kits

Q-Bridge Series

American Technical Ceramics Q-Bridge Series

Supplier: American Technical Ceramics

Subtitle: Q-Bridge Thermal Conductor
Description: Q-Bridge thermal conductor is manufactured with the highest quality materials for reliable and repeatable performance providing a cost effective thermal management solution. These devices are constructed with Aluminum Nitride (AIN) or Beryllium Oxide (BeO) and are available in standard EIA form ...

Category: Thermal ProductsHeat SinksHeat SinksSurface Mount

Raspberry Pi Heat Sink

Adafruit Industries LLC 3082

Supplier: Adafruit Industries LLC

Subtitle: Heat Sink
Description: Aluminum Heat Sink for Raspberry Pi.

Category: Thermal ProductsHeat SinksHeat SinksThermal Tape, Adhesive