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Ha-VIS VT 86 (HT)

HARTING 20926410202

Supplier: HARTING

Subtitle: Passive UHF Transponder
Description: Rugged and long-lasting UHF transponder with clip bracket for repair and maintenance cycles in extremely rugged areas.

Category: RF, WirelessRFIDTransponders, Tags

Transponderkit Ha-Vis RFID SL89

Supplier: HARTING

Subtitle: 20926411600 - Transponderkit Ha-Vis RFID SL89
Description: Han-Eco® is the ideal solution for applications that do not require the full range of product features offered by the Han® B series of hoods and housings, and users want to take advantage of the weight and cost advantages. Like the Han® B standard series, the Han-Eco® series is available in the f...

Category: RF, WirelessRFIDTransponders, Tags

Ha-VIS RF-R300 Reader

HARTING 20911051101

Supplier: HARTING

Subtitle: 20911051101 - RF-R300, LLRP Interface, EU/FCC
Description: The HARTING MICA (Modular Industrial Computing Architecture) is a modular platform made from open hardware and software components. Unlike single-board computers, such as the Raspberry Pi, this circuit board is divided into three parts. One of these parts can be customized. The form factor and de...

Category: RF, WirelessRFIDReader Modules

MICA Starter Kits

HARTING 73460000005

Supplier: HARTING

Subtitle: MICA Starter Kits

Category: RF, WirelessRFIDEvaluation, Development Kits, Boards

RFID Antennas

HARTING 2093610120020

Supplier: HARTING

Subtitle: Ha-VIS RFID UHF Antennas
Description: Low, mid and wide range antennas.

Category: RF, WirelessRFIDAntennas

Accessories - Harting

HARTING 09478411002

Supplier: HARTING

Subtitle: RFID Accessories
Description: Various products for use with RFID products.

Category: RF, WirelessRFIDAccessories