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Maxim Integrated MAX44000

Supplier: Maxim Integrated

Subtitle: Ambient and Infrared Proximity Sensor
Description: The MAX44000 combines a wide-dynamic range ambient light sensor with an integrated infrared proximity sensor. The IC is a perfect solution for touch-screen portable devices. It can consume as low as 11µA (time averaged) in ambient light sensing plus proximity sensing, including external IR LED cu...

Category: SensorsOpticalPhoto DetectorsAmbient Light, IR, UV

MAX44007 and MAX44009

Maxim Integrated MAX44007 and MAX44009

Supplier: Maxim Integrated

Subtitle: Low Power Digital Ambient Light Sensors with ADCs
Description: The MAX44007 and MAX44009 digital ambient light sensors from Maxim are ideal for display brightness control of portable applications such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. They are also suitable for industrial applications such as light management systems in buildings and asset tracking sen...

Category: SensorsOpticalPhoto DetectorsAmbient Light, IR, UV


STMicroelectronics VL6180X

Supplier: STMicroelectronics

Subtitle: Proximity and Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) Module
Description: The VL6180X is the latest product based on ST’s patented FlightSense™ technology. This is a ground-breaking technology allowing absolute distance to be measured independent of target reflectance. Instead of estimating the distance by measuring the amount of light reflected back from the object (w...

Category: SensorsOpticalPhoto DetectorsAmbient Light, IR, UV