PWD13F60 High-Density Power Driver

STMicroelectronics' PWD13F60 high-density integrated power MOSFET for use in a variety of applications

Image of STMicroelectronics' PWD13F60 High-Density Power DriverSTMicroelectronics' PWD13F60 is a complete 600 V, 8 A integrated power MOSFET full bridge with embedded gate drivers in a 13 mm x 10 mm outline. It saves bill-of-materials costs and board space in industrial motor drives, lamp ballasts, power supplies, converters, and inverters.

With a footprint 60% smaller than a comparable circuit built from discrete components, the PWD13F60 can boost end-application power density. By integrating four power MOSFETs, it presents a uniquely efficient solution for DC motors; a true alternative to other modules on the market that are typically dual-FET half-bridges or six-FET three-phase devices. Unlike either of these choices, only one PWD13F60 is needed to implement a full bridge topology, leaving no internal MOSFET unused.

  • Saves PCB space and BOM costs both during design and system assembling
    • 600 V full-bridge system in package with 2 gate drivers and 4 power MOSFETs
    • Bootstrap diodes embedded inside gate drivers
  • Thermally efficient QFN package
    • Compact QFN (13 mm x 10 mm) with exposed pads
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
    • 8 A and 320 mΩ embedded power MOSFETs
  • Easy interfacing with microcontrollers, DSP units, or Hall effect sensors
    • 3.3 V and 15 V compatible inputs
  • Maximum protection
    • Integrated cross-conduction and undervoltage lockout protections
  • Motor drivers for industrial and home appliances
  • Factory automation
  • Fans and pumps
  • HID, ballasts
  • Power supply units
  • DC-DC and DC-AC converters

PWD13F60 High-Density Power Driver

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Published: 2018-03-08