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ST NUCLEO – A Powerful, Low-cost Alternative to the Arduino

ST NUCLEO – A Powerful, low-cost alternative to the Arduino

Arduino has been dominant in the Maker industry for a long period, and there have been a number of competitive boards offering something unique. ST Microelectronics has been the underdog in the maker community; however, its range of Nucleo development boards are becoming popular where faster processing and more memory is required.

There are a lot of great features about the Nucleo boards. First, they are mbed compatible, making them a great way for beginners to get into the world of ARM development. Second, and more importantly, they are Arduino pin compatible, which gives you full access to all Arduino-compatible shields.

Currently there are 3 form factors of the ST Nucleo range of boards: Nucleo-32, Nucleo-64, and Nucleo-144. Each board offers something different with a total range of 27 Nucleo variations to choose from.

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