Maxim Integrated

Solution Spotlights

Image of Maxim Integrated's Medical Solution Provider

Medical Solution Provider - For over 27 years, Maxim Integrated Products' mission has been to provide solutions that add value to their customers' systems. When you start the design of your next medical product, Maxim wants to be the one you go to for a value-added solution.

Image of Maxim Integrated's Industrial Solution Provider

Industrial Solution Provider - Over 27 years ago Maxim Integrated products was built on the foundation of providing high-quality integrated circuits for products in the industrial marketplace. Maxim continues to build on its industrial foundation. More than 25% of its over $2 billion in annual revenue comes from industrial products. The company's mission is to be to deliver solutions that add value to Maxim's industrial customers' end products.

Image of Maxim Integrated's LED Solutions

LED Solutions - LEDs offer different benefits depending on the lighting application. For retrofit indoor lighting, efficiency and longevity make LEDs a viable economic alternative to traditional lighting technologies. For street and outdoor lighting, LED energy efficiency and ease of dimming (possibly controlled from a remote station) offer economic advantages. The color-control capabilities inherent in LEDs also make them ideal for architectural lighting applications.

Image of Maxim Integrated's Motor Control & Automation

Motor Control & Automation - Maxim's broad offering of high-performance analog, robust communications, and innovative application-specific ICs meet the evolving needs of designers in many industrial control and automation applications. With thousands of solutions to choose among, you can find exactly what you need when you need it.