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Maxim’s MAX30112EWG+ is an integrated analog front-end for optical pulse oximetry and heart rate detection in a tiny wafer level package for health and fitness wearables. The IC integrates high current LED driver DACs, a 19-bit current ADC, ambient light cancellation, and a digital noise filter. This enables designers to easily implement transmissive or reflective heart rate, heart rate variability, and SpO2 measurements. The device operates from 1.8 V main supply and a separate 3.1 to 5.25 V LED driver supply. The MAX30112EWG+ supports long battery life by implementing a near-zero current software shutdown mode that allows the supply rails to stay powered, a proximity function to reduce current when no object is present, and a 32 sample FIFO buffer to enable batch processing by the MCU.

12/5/2017 7:14:27 PM

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MAX30110ACCEVKIT#EVAL MAX30110 AND MAX301123 - Immediate
28 - Factory Stock
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