Super Sabre™ Connector System

Molex's Super Sabre connector system meets safety requirements for many consumer applications

Image of Molex's Super Sabre™ Connector SystemDelivering 34 A per blade and withstanding up to +125°C operating temperatures, Super Sabre power connectors from Molex uses proven technology for long-term performance and reliability in virtually every industry.

Consumer/commercial appliances and industrial/data communications equipment design engineers are faced with the challenge of providing greater power requirements with less PCB-footprint space; packaging options have been limited to much lower- or higher-amperage connectors in this footprint size. In addition, components in these systems must be reliable and able to withstand rugged and high-temperature environments. Super Sabre connectors solve this issue, providing 34 A current and withstanding +125°C operating temperatures using proven and reliable Sabre connector technology.

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  • Current rating 34 A per blade and 600 V
    • Match requirements for high-current and high-voltage applications in a low-profile design
  • Operating temperature to +125°C, USCAR-2, level
    • Ideal for high operating temperature uses including automotive and commercial vehicle applications
  • Silver-plated, high-conductivity alloy terminals
    • Provide high-performance connections that eliminate fretting corrosion concerns. Afford a lower cost solution versus gold-plated terminals. Optimized for 10 AWG to 12 AWG wires
  • Flat-blade terminal design with four independent points of electrical contact
    • Offer redundant, secondary current paths for long-term performance and reliability. Provide a more reliable electrical connection than circular style terminals
  • Wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations
    • Deliver design flexibility with significant space and cost savings. Compatible with lead-free wave soldering and reflow soldering processes
  • Fully isolated terminals on both mating sides
    • Provide complete protection against damage or shock
  • Positive latch and terminal position assurance (TPA) features on receptacle
    • Prevent terminal backout with mating plug or header in high-vibration applications
  • UL1977 and UL60950 “Finger Test” certified blade
    • Meet safety requirements for many consumer applications

  • Telecommunications/networking
    • Base stations
    • Fan/blower racks
    • Power supplies and distribution
    • Servers
    • Switches
  • Medical
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Medical imaging
    • Patient monitors

  • Automotive
    • Commercial vehicles
  • Consumer
    • Air-conditioners
    • Ovens/ranges
    • Refrigerators
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Washing machines

Blade Type Power Connectors

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1720420208 datasheet linkCONN HDR 2POS 7.50MM PCB SLDR1720420208CONN HDR 2POS 7.50MM PCB SLDR01720420208 product page link
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Blade Type Power Connectors - Contacts

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1718250100 datasheet linkTERM BLADE FEMALE 10-12AWG TIN1718250100TERM BLADE FEMALE 10-12AWG TINFemale Blade Socket39587 - Immediate
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1718260100 datasheet linkTERM BLADE MALE 10-12AWG TIN1718260100TERM BLADE MALE 10-12AWG TINMale Blade9174 - Immediate
325000 - Factory Stock
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Blade Type Power Connectors - Housings

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1726722004 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 4CKT1726722004SUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 4CKTReceptacleFemale Blade Socket10316 - Immediate
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1726722005 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 5CKT1726722005SUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 5CKTReceptacleFemale Blade Socket1724 - Immediate
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1726722003 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 3CKT1726722003SUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 3CKTReceptacleFemale Blade Socket3148 - Immediate
4500 - Factory Stock
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1726732003 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 3CKT1726732003SUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 3CKTPlugMale Blade745 - Immediate
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1726732004 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 4CKT1726732004SUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 4CKTPlugMale Blade1031 - Immediate
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1726722006 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 6CKT1726722006SUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 6CKTReceptacleFemale Blade Socket1469 - Immediate
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1726722008 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 8CKT1726722008SUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 8CKTReceptacleFemale Blade Socket1030 - Immediate
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1726732002 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 2CKT1726732002SUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 2CKTPlugMale Blade2198 - Immediate
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1726722002 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 2CKT1726722002SUPERSABRE RCPT HSG V0 2CKTReceptacleFemale Blade Socket6130 - Immediate
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1726732005 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 5CKT1726732005SUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 5CKTPlugMale Blade618 - Immediate
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1726732006 datasheet linkSUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 6CKT1726732006SUPERSABRE PLUG HSG V0 6CKTPlugMale Blade970 - Immediate
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Published: 2016-01-25