Neonode Touch Sensors

When Neonode visited Digi-Key, they provided an informal hands-on training demonstration of their zForce® touch sensor technology. Those that attended were very impressed at the ability to integrate touch and gesture control to any surface.

Neonode Sensor

The Neonode sensor consists of a row of infrared emitters and detectors and associated support circuitry to detect touches and gestures. Two types are available, one where the active area emerges straight out from the sensor (0° type) and one where it emerges out from the sensor at a 90° angle (90° type). This enables both vertical and horizontal integration. As illustrated below, an object present in the sensor’s active sense area affects several emitter-receiver channels and this data determines the reported coordinates. Different length versions of the sensor are available to support different sensing range areas.

Sensor Operation

Evaluation Kit

Individual evaluation kits are available for each sensor version and consists of the sensor combined with an interface cable assembly. An Explorer evaluation kit is also available that includes seven sensors and two of the interface cable assemblies.

Product Integration

Neonode sensors can be integrated to any host system through a physical connector with 8 contact pads.  zForce AIR Touch Sensors can communicate with a host system through USB HID or I2C transport. The content of the communication is made up of Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) objects to represent the information in the presentation layer (except for in HID Touch Digitizer mode). The host system can communicate with the sensor through a communication protocol and an SDK developed by Neonode. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a function library that uses the communication protocol and enables communication with a sensor without considering any ASN.1 encoded data. SDKs are available for Linux kernel 2.6.39 or higher and Windows 7 or higher.


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