Bonded-Pair Modular Cords

Belden's 10GX, CAT6, and CAT5E series of modular cords

Image of Belden Bonded-Pair Modular CordsBelden's modular cords are made with their patented bonded-pair cables. Bonded-pair technology ensures these cords meet Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards for mechanical stress reliability. The 10GX series is manufactured with solid conductors, for improved attenuation over long distances, which combines with an improved strain relief, and a flexible boot which allows for optimum performance in high-density installations. 

Belden’s bonded-pair cables are the result of a patented process that bonds the individual insulated conductors along their longitudinal axis. This process results in a uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing, which stays consistent even through everyday bending, coiling, and pulling.  

  • Exceeds TIA and ISO transmission and mechanical performance requirements
  • Made with Belden’s patented bonded-pair cable for structural stability and electrical performance
  • Small diameter cable for greater flexibility and higher density installation
  • Solid conductors to improve attenuation, and a pigtail option to eliminate cable derating in open-office cabling
  • Improved strain relief and flexible boot provide protection in highly populated areas
  • Available in multiple lengths and colors, along with terminated, pigtail, and crossover options

Bonded-Pair Modular Cords

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
C501106002 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 2'C501106002CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 2'97 - Immediate
C501106002 product page link
C501106004 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 4'C501106004CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 4'182 - Immediate
C501106004 product page link
C501106007 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 7'C501106007CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 7'78 - Immediate
C501106007 product page link
C501106010 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 10'C501106010CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 10'117 - Immediate
C501106010 product page link
C601106002 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 2'C601106002CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 2'86 - Immediate
C601106002 product page link
C601106010 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 10'C601106010CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 10'82 - Immediate
C601106010 product page link
C601106004 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 4'C601106004CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 4'80 - Immediate
C601106004 product page link
C601106007 datasheet linkCABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 7'C601106007CABLE MOD 8P8C PLUG-PLUG 7'76 - Immediate
C601106007 product page link
Published: 2017-06-08