USB Type-C™ Connector DX07 Series

JAE's DX07 series connectors are compatible with USB Type-C, 10 Gbps SuperSpeed communication, and USB power delivery

Image of JAE Electronics' USB Type-C Connector DX07 SeriesJAE has launched the DX07 series, plug and receptacle connectors which are compatible with the next-generation USB Type-C specification.

With its compact design and high-density terminals (compared to other standard interfaces), the USB Type-C connector is ideal for mobile devices. It is capable of 10 Gbps high-speed communication and a maximum of 5 A current for faster charging. The reversible plug orientation allows for easy insertion.

Highly involved in the development of the USB Type-C specification, JAE has met the requirements for superior EMI/EMC characteristics, mechanical strength, and durable lock structure using their expertise in high-precision manufacturing technology and high-speed communication design for compact connectors.

JAE products are manufactured with the highest quality using fully automated production and inspection standards.


  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Type-C specification release 1.1
  • Compatible with 10 Gbps SuperSpeed communication (USB 3.1 gen 2)
  • Supports 5 A maximum power supply (compatible with USB power delivery)
  • Reversible plug makes it possible to insert both ways

  • Superior EMI / EMC characteristics
  • Design to secure mechanical strength of both receptacle and plug
  • Lock structure with superior durability
  • Number of contacts: 24 positions
  • Rated current: 5 A maximum
  • Rated voltage: AC20 VRMS
  • Contact resistance: 40 MΩ minimum (initial)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: AC100 VRMS (for 1 minute)
  • Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ minimum (initial)
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to 80°C
  • Mating cycles: 10,000 times
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Personal computers
  • Televisions/monitors
  • Digital cameras
  • Compact hand-held devices 

USB Type-C Connector DX07 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
DX07P024AJ1R1500 datasheet linkCONN PLUG USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGEDX07P024AJ1R1500CONN PLUG USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGE2218 - Immediate
DX07P024AJ1R1500 product page link
DX07P024MJ1R1500 datasheet linkCONN PLUG USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGEDX07P024MJ1R1500CONN PLUG USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGE10512 - Immediate
DX07P024MJ1R1500 product page link
DX07S024JJ3R1300 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/ADX07S024JJ3R1300CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/A36351 - Immediate
DX07S024JJ3R1300 product page link
DX07B024JJ1R1500 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGEDX07B024JJ1R1500CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGE11951 - Immediate
DX07B024JJ1R1500 product page link
DX07S024JJ2R1300 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/ADX07S024JJ2R1300CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/A55451 - Immediate
DX07S024JJ2R1300 product page link
DX07S024XJ1R1100 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/ADX07S024XJ1R1100CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/A14405 - Immediate
DX07S024XJ1R1100 product page link
DX07S024JJ4R1300 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/ADX07S024JJ4R1300CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/A3391 - Immediate
DX07S024JJ4R1300 product page link
DX07B024JJ2R1500 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGEDX07B024JJ2R1500CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGE1352 - Immediate
DX07B024JJ2R1500 product page link
DX07B024JJ3R1600 datasheet linkCONN REPT USB3.1 TYPE C 24POSDX07B024JJ3R1600CONN REPT USB3.1 TYPE C 24POS422 - Immediate
DX07B024JJ3R1600 product page link
DX07B024XJ1R1300 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGEDX07B024XJ1R1300CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC BRD EDGE480 - Immediate
DX07B024XJ1R1300 product page link
DX07S024WJ3R400 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD VERTDX07S024WJ3R400CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD VERT0DX07S024WJ3R400 product page link
DX07S024WJ1R350 datasheet linkCONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD VERTDX07S024WJ1R350CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD VERT0DX07S024WJ1R350 product page link
Published: 2015-07-15