Interface ICs Featuring MAX13054A

Maxim’s wide selection of interface ICs simplifies designs while also making them more robust and reliable

Image of Maxim's Interface ICs Featuring MAX13054AMaxim's wide portfolio of interface ICs includes circuits for interconnection, signal translation, voltage protection, current protection, and electrical isolation. Simplify your design while also making it more robust and reliable with Maxim's transceivers, IO-Link transceivers and binary drivers, controllers and expanders, level translators, industrial digital I/Os, broadband switches, and ICs for isolation, high-speed signaling, Universal Serial Bus (USB), signal line protection, signal integrity, and 4-20 mA current loops.

For industrial applications, the MAX13054A CAN transceiver provides extended ±60 V fault protection for equipment where overvoltage protection is required. It includes various options to address common CAN application requirements, features a 3.3V supply, and allows high-speed operation of up to 1 Mbps.

Choose the Right RS-485 Transceiver to Save Space, Reduce Cost, and Maximize ESD Protection

Interface ICs featuring MAX13054A

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionProtocolNumber of Drivers/ReceiversDuplexAvailable QuantityView Details
MAX13054ASA+ datasheet linkIC TRANSCEIVER CAN HS 8-SOICMAX13054ASA+IC TRANSCEIVER CAN HS 8-SOICCANbus1/1Full3553 - Immediate
5000 - Factory Stock
MAX13054ASA+ product page link
MAX13054AEASA+ datasheet linkIC CAN TRANSCEIVER 5V 8-SOICMAX13054AEASA+IC CAN TRANSCEIVER 5V 8-SOICCANbus1/1Full83 - Immediate
4700 - Factory Stock
MAX13054AEASA+ product page link

Eval Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
60 - Factory Stock
MAX13054AESHLD# product page link

Related Interface ICs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionProtocolNumber of Drivers/ReceiversDuplexAvailable QuantityView Details
MAX13237EETE+T datasheet linkIC TXRX RS232 3MBPS 16TQFNMAX13237EETE+TIC TXRX RS232 3MBPS 16TQFNRS2321/1Full2837 - Immediate
MAX13237EETE+T product page link
MAX3440EESA+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS-485 8-SOICMAX3440EESA+IC TXRX RS-485 8-SOICRS422, RS4851/1Half2600 - Immediate
MAX3440EESA+ product page link
MAX13237EETE+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS232 3MBPS 16TQFNMAX13237EETE+IC TXRX RS232 3MBPS 16TQFNRS2321/1Full800 - Immediate
300 - Factory Stock
MAX13237EETE+ product page link
MAX13234EETP+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS232 250KBPS 20TQFNMAX13234EETP+IC TXRX RS232 250KBPS 20TQFNRS2322/2Full1218 - Immediate
MAX13234EETP+ product page link
MAX13234EEUP+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS232 250KBPS 20TSSOPMAX13234EEUP+IC TXRX RS232 250KBPS 20TSSOPRS2322/2Full1940 - Immediate
7992 - Factory Stock
MAX13234EEUP+ product page link
MAX13236EETE+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS232 250KBPS 16TQFNMAX13236EETE+IC TXRX RS232 250KBPS 16TQFNRS2321/1Full1045 - Immediate
11700 - Factory Stock
MAX13236EETE+ product page link
MAX3440EEPA+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS-485 8-DIPMAX3440EEPA+IC TXRX RS-485 8-DIPRS422, RS4851/1Half183 - Immediate
800 - Factory Stock
MAX3440EEPA+ product page link
MAX3440EASA+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS-485 8-SOICMAX3440EASA+IC TXRX RS-485 8-SOICRS422, RS4851/1Half146 - Immediate
2200 - Factory Stock
MAX3440EASA+ product page link
MAX3440EAPA+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS-485 250KBPS 8-DIPMAX3440EAPA+IC TXRX RS-485 250KBPS 8-DIPRS422, RS4851/1Half150 - Immediate
MAX3440EAPA+ product page link
MAX3483AEASA+ datasheet linkIC TXRX RS422/485 8SOICMAX3483AEASA+IC TXRX RS422/485 8SOICRS422, RS4851/1Half360 - Immediate
1000 - Factory Stock
MAX3483AEASA+ product page link
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Published: 2017-12-28