Battery Connectors

Molex battery connectors are designed to provide a robust and reliable contact interface and a high number of mating cycles

Image of Molex's Battery ConnectorsMolex supplies a wide range of battery connectors, all designed to provide a robust and reliable contact interface and a high number of mating cycles.

The most typical application is for connecting a removable battery pack to a portable device, but these connectors also provide a compact solution for other tight-packaging applications.

While many applications will require a custom-designed battery connector, Molex is able to offer various battery connectors as standard products, with configurations including SMT, compression-style, and through-hole interfaces to the PCB; different circuit sizes; right-angle or parallel battery pack PCB orientations; and different pitch sizes.

  • Stable normal force
    • Secure contact
  • Various configurations and contact heights
    • Meets specific application needs
  • High number of mating cycles
    • Meets requirements of most demanding users
  • One-piece design
    • Cost-effective one-step assembly
  • Overall small size
    • Meets tight-packaging needs
  • Automotive
    • GPS
  • Consumer
    • Scanners
  • Smart phones and mobile devices
    • GPS
    • Mobile phones 

Battery Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ContactsAvailable QuantityView Details
0475070010 datasheet link2.0 MM PITCH 4 PINS BATTERY CONN04750700102.0 MM PITCH 4 PINS BATTERY CONN417946 - Immediate
0475070010 product page link
0476150001 datasheet linkCONN HEADER BATTERY 4POS R/A SMD0476150001CONN HEADER BATTERY 4POS R/A SMD400476150001 product page link
0475310001 datasheet linkCONN BATTERY 4COND 2MM PITCH SMT0475310001CONN BATTERY 4COND 2MM PITCH SMT400475310001 product page link
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Published: 2016-01-12