H-DAC 64™ Unsealed Connector System

Molex's H-DAC connector system offers space-saving alternatives with single- and dual-row options

Image of Molex's H-DAC 64™ Unsealed Connector SystemMolex's H-DAC 64™ connector system provides single- and dual-row options, is designed to offer space-saving alternatives and meets all unsealed USCAR-2 Class 2 requirements. A positive lock ensures proper mating and a TPA feature increases terminal retention. The single-row connector system consists of vertical and right-angle, 4-circuit headers, male and female in-line connectors, and is available in 3- to 6-circuit configurations. Each terminal is capable of supporting both low-signal and low-power applications up to 10.0 A. The dual-row connector system offers 6- to 20-circuit configurations, as well as a 24-way hybrid connector. Each terminal is capable of supporting both low-signal and low-power applications up to 7.0 A.

H-DAC 64 Unsealed Connector System

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
0310671071 datasheet linkCONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLE0310671071CONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLEHeaderMale Pin24799 - Immediate
14400 - Factory Stock
0310671071 product page link
0310681010 datasheet linkHDAC64 SR FEMALE 4 CKT BLACK0310681010HDAC64 SR FEMALE 4 CKT BLACKReceptacleFemale Socket5179 - Immediate
0310681010 product page link
0307001081 datasheet linkCONN FEMALE HOUSING 8POS .100"0307001081CONN FEMALE HOUSING 8POS .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket1442 - Immediate
0307001081 product page link
0310671010 datasheet linkHOUSING RCPT 3POS BLACK POL 10310671010HOUSING RCPT 3POS BLACK POL 1ReceptacleFemale Socket6199 - Immediate
12800 - Factory Stock
0310671010 product page link
0310671040 datasheet linkCONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLE0310671040CONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLEHeaderMale Pin1184 - Immediate
0310671040 product page link
0310671070 datasheet linkHOUSING MALE 3POS BLACK POL 10310671070HOUSING MALE 3POS BLACK POL 1HeaderMale Pin3855 - Immediate
28000 - Factory Stock
0310671070 product page link
0307001080 datasheet linkHOUSING FEMALE 8POS GRAY .100"0307001080HOUSING FEMALE 8POS GRAY .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket3489 - Immediate
0307001080 product page link
0307001100 datasheet linkHDAC64 DR FEMALE 10 CKT GRAY0307001100HDAC64 DR FEMALE 10 CKT GRAYReceptacleFemale Socket3530 - Immediate
22800 - Factory Stock
0307001100 product page link
0307001167 datasheet linkCONN FEMALE HOUSING 16POS .100"0307001167CONN FEMALE HOUSING 16POS .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket873 - Immediate
0307001167 product page link
0309681127 datasheet linkCONN MALE HOUSING 12POS DL .100"0309681127CONN MALE HOUSING 12POS DL .100"HeaderMale Pin317 - Immediate
3000 - Factory Stock
0309681127 product page link
0307001120 datasheet linkHOUSING DR FEMALE 12 CKT GRAY0307001120HOUSING DR FEMALE 12 CKT GRAYReceptacleFemale Socket801 - Immediate
7000 - Factory Stock
0307001120 product page link
0310731011 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 6POS SINGLE .100"0310731011CONN RCPT 6POS SINGLE .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket7 - Immediate
0310731011 product page link
Published: 2014-07-01