H-DAC 64™ Unsealed Connector System

Molex's H-DAC connector system offers space-saving alternatives with single- and dual-row options

Image of Molex's H-DAC 64™ Unsealed Connector SystemMolex's H-DAC 64™ connector system provides single- and dual-row options, is designed to offer space-saving alternatives and meets all unsealed USCAR-2 Class 2 requirements. A positive lock ensures proper mating and a TPA feature increases terminal retention. The single-row connector system consists of vertical and right-angle, 4-circuit headers, male and female in-line connectors, and is available in 3- to 6-circuit configurations. Each terminal is capable of supporting both low-signal and low-power applications up to 10.0 A. The dual-row connector system offers 6- to 20-circuit configurations, as well as a 24-way hybrid connector. Each terminal is capable of supporting both low-signal and low-power applications up to 7.0 A.

H-DAC 64 Unsealed Connector System

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
0310671071 datasheet linkCONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLE0310671071CONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLEHeaderMale Pin19199 - Immediate
0310671071 product page link
0310681010 datasheet linkHDAC64 SR FEMALE 4 CKT BLACK0310681010HDAC64 SR FEMALE 4 CKT BLACKReceptacleFemale Socket5496 - Immediate
185900 - Factory Stock
0310681010 product page link
0307001081 datasheet linkCONN FEMALE HOUSING 8POS .100"0307001081CONN FEMALE HOUSING 8POS .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket1448 - Immediate
0307001081 product page link
0310671040 datasheet linkCONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLE0310671040CONN MALE HOUSING 3POS SINGLEHeaderMale Pin1829 - Immediate
0310671040 product page link
0310671070 datasheet linkHOUSING MALE 3POS BLACK POL 10310671070HOUSING MALE 3POS BLACK POL 1HeaderMale Pin3885 - Immediate
277600 - Factory Stock
0310671070 product page link
0307001080 datasheet linkHOUSING FEMALE 8POS GRAY .100"0307001080HOUSING FEMALE 8POS GRAY .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket3598 - Immediate
0307001080 product page link
0310671010 datasheet linkHOUSING RCPT 3POS BLACK POL 10310671010HOUSING RCPT 3POS BLACK POL 1ReceptacleFemale Socket628 - Immediate
630400 - Factory Stock
0310671010 product page link
0307001167 datasheet linkCONN FEMALE HOUSING 16POS .100"0307001167CONN FEMALE HOUSING 16POS .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket884 - Immediate
0307001167 product page link
0309681127 datasheet linkCONN MALE HOUSING 12POS DL .100"0309681127CONN MALE HOUSING 12POS DL .100"HeaderMale Pin322 - Immediate
0309681127 product page link
0307001120 datasheet linkHOUSING DR FEMALE 12 CKT GRAY0307001120HOUSING DR FEMALE 12 CKT GRAYReceptacleFemale Socket806 - Immediate
0307001120 product page link
0307001100 datasheet linkHDAC64 DR FEMALE 10 CKT GRAY0307001100HDAC64 DR FEMALE 10 CKT GRAYReceptacleFemale Socket00307001100 product page link
0310731011 datasheet linkCONN RCPT 6POS SINGLE .100"0310731011CONN RCPT 6POS SINGLE .100"ReceptacleFemale Socket7 - Immediate
46000 - Factory Stock
0310731011 product page link
Published: 2014-07-01