MLX™ Power Connectors

Molex's MLX™ offers an industry compatible line of 2.13 mm diameter plug and cap power connections

Image of Molex's MLX™ Power ConnectorsMolex's MLX™ series is interchangeable, intermateable, and intermountable with industry standard products. This allows greater flexibility in mating with existing wire harnesses, connectors, or PCB headers. The connectors are recognized by UL and certified by CSA. The housings are designed for both male and female Molex terminals. Additionally the housings will accept industry compatible terminals. As an added convenience, Molex has provided circuit identification grooves for circuits two and three along with the industry standard identification rib for circuit one.

Video: KK® and MLX® Connectors

Features and Benefits
  • Systems are intermateable, intermountable, and interchangeable with industry standard versions
    • Cross compatible tested to assure industry compatibility
  • Positive lock
    • Improves connector reliability
  • Fully-isolated contacts
    • Protects the contacts
  • Housing will accept male or female terminals
    • Design flexibility
  • Two, 3/8" studs incorporated to terminate large gauge wires (ground block)
    • Facilitates the grounding of 8 AWG wires and above to a central point

Connectors and Terminals

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
0366630002 datasheet linkMLX MALE TERMINAL 10-12 AWG0366630002MLX MALE TERMINAL 10-12 AWG13806 - Immediate
0366630002 product page link
0002081004 datasheet linkCONN FEMALE TERM 14-20AWG TIN0002081004CONN FEMALE TERM 14-20AWG TIN5342 - Immediate
0002081004 product page link
0050841020 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 2POS .0840050841020CONN PLUG 2POS .08429409 - Immediate
0050841020 product page link
0050841030 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 3POS .0840050841030CONN PLUG 3POS .0849044 - Immediate
0050841030 product page link
0050841040 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 4POS .0840050841040CONN PLUG 4POS .0845295 - Immediate
0050841040 product page link
0050841060 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 6POS .0840050841060CONN PLUG 6POS .0845175 - Immediate
0050841060 product page link
0050842030 datasheet linkCONN RECEPTACLE 3POS .0840050842030CONN RECEPTACLE 3POS .0846079 - Immediate
0050842030 product page link
0050841120 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 12POS .0840050841120CONN PLUG 12POS .0842723 - Immediate
0050841120 product page link
50-84-2040 datasheet linkCONN RECEPTACLE 4POS .08450-84-2040CONN RECEPTACLE 4POS .0842078 - Immediate
50-84-2040 product page link
0050842060 datasheet linkCONN RECEPTACLE 6POS .0840050842060CONN RECEPTACLE 6POS .0846048 - Immediate
0050842060 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionKit TypeValuesAvailable QuantityView Details
76650-0157 datasheet linkKIT CONN .084 MLX PANEL TO WIRE76650-0157KIT CONN .084 MLX PANEL TO WIRERectangular - Contact, Housing264 pcs - Assorted 2 ~ 4, 6, 9 Circuit Housing, 20 ~ 14 AWG Crimp Terminals14 - Immediate
76650-0157 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
0640160204 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 14-24AWG SIDE0640160204TOOL HAND CRIMPER 14-24AWG SIDERectangular Contacts, 14-24 AWG39 - Immediate
0640160204 product page link
0638116800 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 14-20AWG SIDE0638116800TOOL HAND CRIMPER 14-20AWG SIDERectangular Contacts, 14-20 AWG21 - Immediate
0638116800 product page link
Published: 2015-04-09