MID-IBTI Isolated Buck Transformers for Texas Instruments Fly-Buck™ Chipsets

Wurth Midcom presents low cost/high efficiency buck transformers designed for TI Fly-Buck chipsets

Image of Wurth Electronics MID-IBTI Isolated Buck TransformersWurth Electronics Midcom introduces a series of Fly-Buck™ transformers developed in partnership with Texas Instruments. These transformers are low cost and can easily generate isolated positive and negative voltages as required by most of the industrial products using Fly-Buck topology.

  • Fly-Buck topology
  • Low cost and high efficiency
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +125°C
  • Excellent leakage inductance and interwinding capacitance performance
  • Industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Building automation and process control
  • Isolated interface power: RS-422, RS-485, CAN, I²C, LAN
  • Motor drive control, inverters, and industrial automation
  • Isolated low power drivers and regulators, smart e-meters
  • Bias power supplies for gate drives and op-amps

MID-IBTI Isolated Buck Transformers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
750314597 datasheet linkXFMR ISOL BUCK CONV DC/DC CONV750314597XFMR ISOL BUCK CONV DC/DC CONV562 - Immediate
750314597 product page link
750311780 datasheet linkTRANS FLYBACK TPS55010 SMD750311780TRANS FLYBACK TPS55010 SMD183 - Immediate
750311780 product page link
750311880 datasheet linkTRANS FLYBACK TPS55010 SMD750311880TRANS FLYBACK TPS55010 SMD8329 - Immediate
750311880 product page link
750312750 datasheet linkTRANSFORMER EP5 SMD750312750TRANSFORMER EP5 SMD345 - Immediate
750312750 product page link
750342304 datasheet linkTRANSFORMER ER9.5/4/5D750342304TRANSFORMER ER9.5/4/5D0750342304 product page link
750314441 datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD750314441TRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD0750314441 product page link
750314442 datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD750314442TRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD0750314442 product page link
750314459 datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD750314459TRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD0750314459 product page link
750314460 datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD750314460TRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD0750314460 product page link
750314461 datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD750314461TRANSFORMER FLYBACK WE-FB SMD0750314461 product page link
750314462 datasheet linkXFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV SMD750314462XFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV SMD0750314462 product page link
750314463 datasheet linkXFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV SMD750314463XFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV SMD0750314463 product page link
750315038 datasheet linkXFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV TH750315038XFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV TH0750315038 product page link
750313995 datasheet linkTRANS FLYBACK LM5017 WE-FB750313995TRANS FLYBACK LM5017 WE-FB201 - Immediate
750313995 product page link
750314624 datasheet linkXFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV TH750314624XFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV TH52 - Immediate
750314624 product page link
750315039 datasheet linkXFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV TH750315039XFRMR ISOL BUCK DC/DC CONV TH193 - Immediate
750315039 product page link
Published: 2017-07-20