MAX14878 to MAX14880 Robust 5kV Isolated CAN Transceiver with Fault Protection

Maxim Integrated

This presentation will discuss the common design challenges, features and benefits, and applications for the MAX14878 to MAX14880.
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MAX14879AWE+ datasheet linkMAX14879AWE+IC TXRX CAN 2.75KV ISO 16SOICTransceiver184 - Immediate
1656 - Factory Stock
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MAX14880AWE+ datasheet linkMAX14880AWE+IC TXRX CAN 5KV ISO 16SOICTransceiver70 - Immediate
1150 - Factory Stock
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MAX14878AWE+ datasheet linkMAX14878AWE+IC TXRX CAN 5KV ISO 16SOICTransceiver35 - Immediate
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MAX14880EVKIT# datasheet linkMAX14880EVKIT#EVAL MAX14880 TXRX CAN-3 - Immediate
11 - Factory Stock
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PTM Published on: 2018-02-05