Mini-Fit Jr.

Power Connectors

Molex Connector Corporation

This tutorial will present the Micro-Fit, Mini-Fit, and Sabre interconnect families and describe their key features.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
0022272021 datasheet linkCONN HEADER 2POS .100 VERT TIN0022272021CONN HEADER 2POS .100 VERT TINBulkHeaderMale Pin36627 - Immediate
0022272021 product page link
0444412002 datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT 2POS 7.50MM BLACK0444412002CONN HSG RCPT 2POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkReceptacleFemale Blade Socket5362 - Immediate
0444412002 product page link
0444412003 datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT 3POS 7.50MM BLACK0444412003CONN HSG RCPT 3POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkReceptacleFemale Blade Socket3497 - Immediate
0444412003 product page link
0436802002 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 2POS 7.50MM BLACK0436802002CONN HSG PLUG 2POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkPlugMale Blade12550 - Immediate
0436802002 product page link
0444412004 datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT 4POS 7.50MM BLACK0444412004CONN HSG RCPT 4POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkReceptacleFemale Blade Socket1243 - Immediate
0444412004 product page link
43680-2003 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 3POS 7.50MM BLACK43680-2003CONN HSG PLUG 3POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkPlugMale Blade3386 - Immediate
43680-2003 product page link
0444412006 datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT 6POS 7.50MM BLACK0444412006CONN HSG RCPT 6POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkReceptacleFemale Blade Socket2350 - Immediate
0444412006 product page link
44441-2005 datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT 5POS 7.50MM BLACK44441-2005CONN HSG RCPT 5POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkReceptacleFemale Blade Socket375 - Immediate
5250 - Factory Stock
44441-2005 product page link
43680-2004 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 4POS 7.50MM BLACK43680-2004CONN HSG PLUG 4POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkPlugMale Blade287 - Immediate
8400 - Factory Stock
43680-2004 product page link
43680-2006 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 6POS 7.50MM BLACK43680-2006CONN HSG PLUG 6POS 7.50MM BLACKBulkPlugMale Blade30 - Immediate
12000 - Factory Stock
43680-2006 product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTool TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
11-03-0043 datasheet linkTOOL HAND EXTRACT MICROFIT 3.011-03-0043TOOL HAND EXTRACT MICROFIT 3.0Extraction ToolRectangular Connector Contacts1154 - Immediate
11-03-0043 product page link
0638111500 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 8AWG SIDE0638111500TOOL HAND CRIMPER 8AWG SIDEHand CrimperRectangular Contacts, 8 AWG7 - Immediate
0638111500 product page link
0638130400 datasheet linkTOOL EXTRACTION MINI FIT SR0638130400TOOL EXTRACTION MINI FIT SRExtraction ToolRectangular Connector Contacts5 - Immediate
0638130400 product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-11-02