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- For over 60 years, APEM has been a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, offering one of the broadest ranges of products in the industry.  APEM’s portfolio, comprised of an expanding range of HMI interface products, includes switches, joysticks, indicators and keypads.

APEM is a vertically integrated manufacturer with a strong commitment to maintaining its exceptionally high standards in safety, service and reliability, while continuing its emphasis on innovation and product development.  For more information about APEM, Inc.’s product line, please visit the company’s website at

CH Products and MEC Switches are trade names of APEM, Inc.

TS Series Thumbsticks

Image of APEM's TS Series Thumbstick

APEM's TS Series Thumbstick is a proportional two axis joystick in a miniature package. Learn More

Hall-Effect Joysticks

Image of APEM's Hall-Effect Joysticks

APEM's CJ series joystick features an ergonomic multifunction handle purposely designed for safety critical hand-operated applications.Learn More

HF Series Hall-Effect Joysticks

Image of APEM's HF Series

APEM, Inc. introduces four new handle options for the Hall-effect HF series joysticks.Learn More

Featured Products

Image of MEC's Navigational Solutions

Navigation Solutions

MEC, a leading manufacturer of premium pushbutton switches and wide-variety of switch accessories, proudly offers navigational solutions for menu and selection applications. Learn More

Image of APEM's Hall-Effect Joysticks

Hall-Effect Joysticks

APEM offers a large variety of Hall-Effect joysticks. Learn More

Newest Products View All (50)

Image of APEM's IX Series Pushbuttons

IX Series Pushbuttons

APEM's IX series combines the high qualities of the IP and IA series with a backlit switch, compact bushing and flexible elastomer membrane actuator.

Learn More
Image of APEM's XD Series Joysticks

XD Series Joysticks

APEM’s XD series joystick, a multi-axis hand grip joystick specifically engineered for demanding vehicle applications.

Learn More
Image of APEM Components KH Series Power Rocker Switches

KH Series Power Rocker Switches

Designed for harsh environments, APEM's KH series rocker switches are protected against accidental actuation with a protection guard.

Learn More
Image of APEM's PZ Series 12-Key Keypad

PZ Series 12-Key Keypad

APEM's PZ series 12-key keypad is IP68 rated and is intended for high reliability applications such as medical or food industry equipment.

Learn More
Image of APEM's TS Series with LED Backlighting Style Actuator

TS Series with LED Backlighting Style Actuator

APEM's TS series is a miniature joystick featuring contactless Hall effect technology to provide long life proportional control.

Learn More
Image of APEM's Q Series LED Indicators

Q Series LED Indicators

APEM's Q series includes a large selection of LED indicators in sizes from 6 mm to 22 mm and options including bezel materials, colors, markings, and mounting.

Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of Apem's Selection Guide

Product Selection Guide

Search and view APEM’s Selection Guides for panel mount switches, PCB switches, industrial joysticks and LED indicators. Learn More

Image of Apem's Shortform Catalogs

Shortform Catalog

View APEM’s 2014-2015 shortform catalog for APEM and MEC switches. Learn More

Image of Apem's Brochure

Corporate Brochure

APEM’s Corporate Brochure offers an overview of its major product lines. Learn More

Image of Apem's News


Find the latest news from APEM. Learn More

Image of Apem's Tech Info

General Technical Information

Search and view general technical information about APEM’s products. Learn More

Image of Apem's Quality


Review safety standards, product qualifications, quality standards and more from APEM. Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (13)

TS Series Miniature Joystick

TS Series Miniature Hall Effect Joysticks

Duration: 5 minutes

TS Series features contactless hall effect technology, analog output, and 1 million lifecycles.

PC Series Pendant Controllers

PC Series Pendant Controller

Duration: 5 minutes

APEM Inc.’s PC series is an innovative and ergonomic game style pendant controller

HF Series of Hall Effect Joysticks

HF Series of Hall Effect Joysticks

Duration: 10 minutes

Four new handle options for the HF series of Hall effect joystick.

LED Indicators

LED Indicators Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

LED indicators construction, applications, and design options along with APEM's part number configuration.

Featured Videos View All (4)

FD Series

APEM’s Product Manager, Samuel Reunif, presents 24mm and 30mm FD Series. Designed as a traditional illuminated pushbutton, integrating a series of filters and legends that react with Red and Green Illuminations.

Publish Date: 2018-07-27

QH Series

APEM presents the QH Series, or HALO indicators. The HALO is designed for use with panel mount switches in 16, 19, and 22mm switches such as the 16mm and 19mm AV Series Anti-Vandals or the 22mm AOS-ES Series E-Stops.

Publish Date: 2018-07-27

NV Series

– APEM’s Product Manager, Samuel Reunif, presents the 16mm NV Series micro joystick capable of 4 or 5 Directions, enhanced tactile feedback, robust, and precise control. The NV Series, sealed to IP69K, is available in several actuator options.

Publish Date: 2018-07-27

Q Series LED indicators

Steve Blackwell, Global product manager for LED indicators, introduces APEM's Q range.

Publish Date: 2018-04-25

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