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- Bel and its groups are primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of products used in networking, telecommunications, high-speed data transmission, commercial aerospace, military, transportation, and consumer electronics. Products include magnetics (discrete components, power transformers and MagJack™ connectors with integrated magnetics), modules (DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies, integrated analog front-end modules and custom designs), circuit protection (miniature, micro, surface-mount and PPTC resettable fuses) and interconnect devices (micro, circular and filtered D-Sub connectors, fiber optic connectors, passive jacks, plugs, radio frequency (RF), microwave connectors and high-speed cable assemblies). The company operates facilities around the world. Related product brands include: Bel Fuse, Bel Power Solutions, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Signal Transformer, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.

Power Solutions

Bel Power Solutions

Bel has one of the world’s largest power conversion and power management solutions portfolio for AC/DC & DC/DC applications. Learn More

Protection Solutions

Image of Bel's Circuit Protection Family

The Bel circuit protection portfolio includes one of the broadest ranges of circuit protection products on the market today. Learn More

Connectivity Solutions

Bel Connectivity Solutions

Bel’s Connectivity brands offer a diverse line of high quality, high performance connectors, and cable assemblies. Learn More

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Image of Bel's Latest Products

Featured Products

High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors

High Frequency SMA End Launch Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions' high frequency end launch connectors are used to transition microwave energy from coaxial to planar transmission line structures. Learn More

Image of Bel Fuse MagJack Integrated Connector Modules

MagJack Integrated Connector Modules

Bel Fuse's MagJack® integrated connector module (ICM) product-line is Bel Fuse and Stewart’s premier family of products for Ethernet networking applications, ranging from 10/100 BaseT to 10 GBaseT, to PoE(plus). Learn More

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Image of Bel Magnetic Solutions MagJack® ICM 1GBase-T

Automotive Ethernet Compatible 1GBase-T MagJack® ICM

Bel Magnetic Solutions' 1GBase-T MagJack ICM is designed for next-generation vehicles that utilize Ethernet signaling inside the automobile.

Learn More
Image of Signal Transformer's International ECO Transformers

EcoTran International CE - Touch Safe - Transformers

Signal Transformer's high-powered, split-bobbin construction transformers eliminate the potential for shock hazards.

Learn More
Image of Bel Fuse 0ADHC Series Digital Multimeter Cartridge Fuses

Digital Multimeter Cartridge Fuses - 0ADHC Series

Bel Fuse’s 0ADHC series expands its product offering into distance measuring instrument (DMI) and digital multimeter (DMM) circuit protection.

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Image of Bel Magnetic Solutions Single-Port Magnetic Modules and Jacks

Power Over Ethernet NBASE-T/802.3bz Magnetic Modules & Jacks

Bel Magnetic Solutions' 60 W 4-pair, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Magnetic Modules and Magjacks® allow customers to upgrade existing 1GBase-T PoE products.

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Image of Bel Fuse's High Voltage 600 V and 1 K VAC/VDC 6.3 mm x 32 mm Fuses 0ADAx and 0ADBx Series

High Voltage 600 V and 1 K VAC/VDC 6.3 mm x 32 mm Fuses - 0ADAx and 0ADBx Series

Bel Fuse's 0ADAx and 0ADBx series 600 V and 1 K VAC/DAC rated fuses are designed for high energy and high power applications.

Learn More
Image of Bel Power Solutions RCM Series Chassis-Mount DC-DC Converters

RCM Series Chassis-Mount DC-DC Converters

Bel Power Solutions' RCM150 (150 W) and RCM300 (300 W) chassis-mount DC-DC converters are designed for railway applications.

Learn More

Tools and Support

Image of Cinch's Type N Connectors

Type N Connectors

Johnson® Type N Connectors meet or exceed the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-39012. All designs are based on 50 ohm system impedance per MIL-STD-348, and operate at frequencies up to 11 GHz minimum. Learn More

Image of Cinch's RJ45 D38999 Series

C-RJFTV Series

Bringing the combined technical expertise and engineering capabilities of Cinch’s rugged D38999 shell and Stewart’s high performance RJ45, the RJ45 D38999 provides Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments. Learn More

Image Bel Fuse's Circuit Protection Focus Catalog

Circuit Protection Focus Catalog

Provides overview of Bel Fuse Circuit Protection Portfolio. Learn More

Image of Signal Transformer's Linear Transformers

Linear Transformer At-A-Glance

Provides overview of Signal Linear Transformer Portfolio. Learn More

Image of Bel Power's OpenFrame Brochure

Open-Frame Product Selection Guide

An overview of Bel Power Solutions newest Open-Frame power solutions. Learn More

Image of Bel Power's Product Highlights

Product Highlights

A general overview of the intelligent, efficient and reliable power conversion devices provided by Bel Power Solutions. Learn More

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Image of Bel Power Solutions DIN Rail Power Supply

DIN Rail AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies

Duration: 10 minutes

DIN Rail power supplies are commonly specified for industry equipment, test and measurement equipment, wireless communications, renewable energy, instrumentation, robotics and automation applications.

Image of Bel Power Melcher AC-DC Power Converters

Railway and Harsh Environment Products

Duration: 10 minutes

MELCHER products are designed to meet the highest national and international standards for harsh environments


High Current Toroidal Inductor Line

Duration: 5 minutes

The presentation highlights the features and benefits of the HCTI series and provides an overview of where and how the parts are used.


Dual Winding Inductors in SEPIC Converters

Duration: 10 minutes

View the basic SEPIC converter circuitry with the various available Signal Transformer Dual Winding Inductor series.

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Cinch Fixed Length RF Cable Assemblies | Digi-Key Daily

Cinch Connectivity Solutions is proud to partner with Digi-Key to offer a wide selection of Fixed Length Coax Cable assemblies.

Signal Transformer Ecotran Series – Safety Isolation Transformers

The Ecotran series can be used for consumer, automotive, lighting, HVAC and many other applications. Learn about the highly efficient, UL listed series from Signal Transformer, a division of Bel Fuse Corporation.

Signal Transformer High Current Toroidal Inductors (HCTI)

: Learn about the vertical PCB mounted HCTI series. Features include, low magnetic radiation for self-shielding, lower temperature rise with high current density, and higher efficiency through reduced core loss.

Stewart Connector SealJack Portfolio | Digi-Key Daily

The SealJack cable applied series are IP67 rated pre-assembled cable assemblies offered in a variety of lengths. The assemblies can be customized with IP67 and RJ45 ends using CAT5e or CAT6 shielded/unshielded cable.

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