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Tripp Lite

- Established in 1922, Tripp Lite has been a leader in technologically innovative manufacturing. In 1981 we introduced the world's first UPS designed specifically for personal computers. In 1982 we debuted the Isobar, the world's most advanced surge and noise suppressor. Since that time, Tripp Lite Power Protection has grown in scope to provide solutions for every application from PCs and fileservers to telecommunications and industrial process control.


Cat5e Network Patch Cables

Image of Tripp Lite's Cat5e Network Patch Cables

Tripp Lite's category 5e (Cat5e) patch cable has two standard RJ45 molded male connectors featuring integral strain relief. Learn More

Tripp-Lite Product Selector

Image of Tripp Lite's Product Selector

Need help finding the perfect Tripp Lite Solution? With our Tripp Lite Product Selector, getting the information you need has never been easier! Learn More

How to Select a Tripp Lite PDU

Tripp-Lite PDUs

Understand how to select a Tripp Lite power distribution unit. This presentation will explain the basic terms and concepts used to describe Tripp Lite PDUs. Learn More

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Image of Tripp-Lite's USB Cables

USB Cables

Tripp-Lite’s guide to understanding the different kinds of USB and the differences in their speed, connector types, and functionality.

Learn More
Image of Tripp Lite's U209-000-R Adapter Cable

U209-000-R Adapter Cable

Tripp Lite's U209-000-R USB-to-Serial Adapter Cable allows you to connect a 9-pin RS-232 serial device to a computer or laptop with a USB Type-A port.

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Image of Tripp Lite's USA-19HS Keyspan Adapter

USA-19HS Keyspan® Adapter

Tripp Lite's USA-19HS Keyspan high-speed USB-to-serial adapter allows you to connect a serial device to a computer or laptop with a USB type-A port.

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Image of Tripp Lite's B020-008-17 KVM Switch

B020-008-17 KVM Switch

Tripp Lite’s B020-008-17 KVM Switch gives you a rack-mountable keyboard, LCD and touchpad in a single console that occupies only 1U of rack space.

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Image of Tripp Lite's UR020-003 Reversible USB Cables

Reversible USB 2.0 Cables

Stop fumbling around with your computer trying to plug in USB devices. Tripp Lite’s reversible USB 2.0 cables take the guesswork out of USB connections.

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Image of Tripp Lite's AC Power Cords

AC Power Cords

Tripp Lite's line of AC power cords offer PC users a solution to power connectivity problems.

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PowerVerter APS Inverter/Chargers and PV Inverters

PowerVerter® APS Inverter-Chargers and PV Inverters

Duration: 15 minutes

PowerVerter® APS inverter/chargers are designed to provide either backup power or mobile power for a variety of applications.

patient care area

Healthcare Solutions

Duration: 15 minutes

Tripp Lite provides a complete line of medical-grade and office-grade solutions for use both inside and outside of patient-care areas.

Copper Network Cables

Cables and Connectivity Portfolio

Duration: 10 minutes

Copper network cables such as Cat5e, Cat6, CX4 and Cat6a cables meet the most current industry standards and provides faster network transmission speeds.

KVM Switch

KVM Switches

Duration: 10 minutes

KVM Switches allow users to control multiple computers or servers using a single console. A "console" refers to three devices: a keyboard, a monitor and a mouse.

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P006-004 Heavy-Duty Power Cords

P006-004 series are the ideal solution for keeping track of your power cord among other cables with various colors for quick identification.

Publish Date: 2017-11-06

PDUMH20ATNET Power Distribution Unit

Power distribution unit (PDU) is ideal for supporting servers, storage, network equipment, and other systems that lack built-in power supplies. Two power sources for equipment to operate without interruption if one source fails.

Publish Date: 2017-11-06

Tripp Lite U238-000-1 USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Combo Adapter

Format new hard drives, salvage old drives and transfer data between SATA and IDE drives with Tripp Lite's U238-000-1 USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Combo Adapter.

Publish Date: 2017-04-26

Tripp Lite B203-101 USB 2.0 Over Cat5 Extender Kit

Connect USB peripherals up to 330 ft. away from the source with Tripp Lite's B203-101 USB 2.0 Over Cat5 Extender Kit.

Publish Date: 2017-04-26

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