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VersaLogic Corporation

VersaLogic Corporation is the trusted name in embedded computer products. Featuring 5 to 10 year availability, -40 to +85° C operating temperature, Mil Standard 202G shock and vibration testing, and outstanding US-based support, VersaLogic products are ideal for critical applications that value ruggedness, reliability and long life.

Embedded Processing Units (EPUs)

VersaLogic EPU

EPUs are comprised of separate CPU and IO modules in to a final product that has superiority over a typical SBC. Learn More

VersaLogic Quality

Image of VersaLogic's Quality

Whether you are designing for defense, industrial automation, or medical markets, you can count on VersaLogic Corporation’s designed in quality and compliance. Learn More

Arm-based Computing Solutions

Image of VersaLogic's Arm-based Computing Solutions

VersaLogic’s Arm-based embedded computers are built for real-world applications, fully tested with on-board I/O and 10+ year availability by design. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of VersaLogic Corporation's BayCat Single Board Computer

BayCat Single Board Computer

VersaLogic introduces their BayCat a low-power, high-performance single board computer (SBC) with a traditional PC/104-Plus expansion interface. Learn More

Image of VersaLogic's Osprey Embedded Processing Unit

Osprey Embedded Processing Unit

VersaLogic embedded processing unit (EPU) format combines processor, memory, video, and system I/O into an extremely compact full function embedded computer. Learn More

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Image of VersaLogic VL-EPM/VCM-DAS, PC/104 / PC/104-Plus Expansion modules

VL-EPM/VCM-DAS, PC/104™ / PC/104-Plus Expansion Modules

VersaLogic's VL-EPM/VCM-DAS are PC/104™ / PC/104-Plus expansion modules featuring high-performance networking capabilities.

Learn More
Image of VersaLogic's VL-SPX Expansion Modules for Industrial Solutions

VL-SPX Expansion Modules for Industrial Solutions

VersaLogic’s VL-SPX expansion modules are designed to support rugged OEM applications where high-reliability and long-term availability are required.

Learn More
Image of VersaLogic Corporation's Mini PCIe Modules

VL-MPEe/VL-MPEu/VL-MPEs Mini PCIe™ Modules

VersaLogic's Mini PCIe modules provide a simple, economical, and standardized way to add I/O and storage functions to embedded computer products.

Learn More
Image of Versalogic's VL-MPEe-E5E PCIe expansion

VL-MPEe-E5E Dual Gigabit Ethernet Mini PCIe® Expansion

VersaLogic's VL-MPEe-E5E Dual Gigabit Ethernet mini PCIe® expansion is small, rugged, and designed for unforgiving environments.

Learn More
Image of VersaLogic's Zebra Single Board Computer

Zebra Single Board Computers (SBCs) with Arm® Cortex® i.MX6 Processors

VersaLogic’s Zebra products are Arm® Cortex®-based embedded computers, with single- or dual-core CPUs.

Learn More
Image of VersaLogic's Tetra ARM® based Single Board Computers (SBCs)

Tetra Arm®-based Single Board Computers (SBCs)

VersaLogic’s Tetra family of Arm®-based quad-core ruggedized embedded computers feature an NXP quad-core i.MX6 processor with CPU speeds of 800 MHz.

Learn More

Product Training Modules View All (15)

Image of VersaLogic's EPC-2700 "Tetra" ARM-based embedded computer

EPC-2700 Tetra ARM-based Embedded Computer

Duration: 5 minutes

Overview of Tetra features and benefits, main application types, and various Tetra product model offerings.

Image of VersaLogic EPU-4460 "Condor" SBC

EPU-4460 Condor Single Board Computer

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the Condor single board computer for embedded computing applications.

Image of VersaLogic's Liger embedded computer

EPM-43 Liger Embedded Computer

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the Liger embedded computer, it's applications, key features, main applications, and various product offerings.

Image of VersaLogic's VL-MPEe-E4 mini PCIe

VL-MPEe-E4 Ethernet Over Fiber Optics Mini PCIe

Duration: 5 minutes

An overview of the VL-MPEe-E4 ethernet over fiber optic module from VersaLogic, including its key features and some typical application examples.

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Bring Up Support for the VersaLogic EPU-3312 RAVEN Embedded Processing Unit.

Publish Date: 2018-04-10