Molex Mega-Fit® Power Connectors

Molex Mega-Fit power connectors deliver cutting-edge current density at 23.0 A per circuit

Image of Molex's Mega-Fit® Power ConnectorsContinuing to innovate the interconnect industry, Molex expands current-carrying capabilities up to 23.0 A with Mega-Fit power connectors. These connectors enable one of the highest current-density options compared to existing mid-range power connectors. The innovative split-box terminal design offers six independent points of contact to provide long-term reliability through secondary current-path redundancy. Mega-Fit power connectors maintain many of the characteristics of Molex's proven power products including isolated terminals, positive housing locks, and polarized housings.

Features Applications
  • Power-dense design with high-current terminals, tight pitch, and row spacing
  • Terminal interface with six independent points of contact (split-box terminal design)
  • Extended barrel conductor crimp
  • Sacrificial contacts
  • Fully-isolated header pins and receptacle terminals
  • Positive locking housing
  • Washers and dryers
  • Heaters and air conditioners
  • Hubs and servers
  • Power supplies and distribution
  • Machinery and heavy equipment
  • Lighting and automation
  • Unsealed electronic control modules
  • Power converters

Mega-Fit Power Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
0768230321 datasheet linkCRIMP TERM TIN 14/16AWG0768230321CRIMP TERM TIN 14/16AWG89815 - Immediate
663000 - Factory Stock
0768230321 product page link
1720630312 datasheet linkMEGA-FIT F CRIMP 12 AWG GOLD1720630312MEGA-FIT F CRIMP 12 AWG GOLD46923 - Immediate
208000 - Factory Stock
1720630312 product page link
1720630311 datasheet linkMEGA-FIT F CRIMP 14-16AWG GOLD1720630311MEGA-FIT F CRIMP 14-16AWG GOLD86745 - Immediate
782000 - Factory Stock
1720630311 product page link
1720631312 datasheet linkFEMALE CRIMP 12 AWG 30 GOLD1720631312FEMALE CRIMP 12 AWG 30 GOLD100327 - Immediate
132000 - Factory Stock
1720631312 product page link
1720631311 datasheet linkFEMALE CRIMP 14-16AWG 30 GOLD1720631311FEMALE CRIMP 14-16AWG 30 GOLD19488 - Immediate
12750 - Factory Stock
1720631311 product page link
1716920104 datasheet linkMEGA-FIT RECEP 4 CKT V-01716920104MEGA-FIT RECEP 4 CKT V-028033 - Immediate
88480 - Factory Stock
1716920104 product page link
0768290004 datasheet linkDUAL ROW VERT HEADER TIN 4CKT0768290004DUAL ROW VERT HEADER TIN 4CKT5230 - Immediate
1200 - Factory Stock
0768290004 product page link
1720650004 datasheet linkMEGA-FIT VERT HDR 4 CKT GOLD1720650004MEGA-FIT VERT HDR 4 CKT GOLD3794 - Immediate
2400 - Factory Stock
1720650004 product page link
1720640004 datasheet linkMEGA-FIT RA HDR 4 CKT GOLD1720640004MEGA-FIT RA HDR 4 CKT GOLD12031 - Immediate
1720640004 product page link
0638240800 datasheet linkEXTRACT TOOL0638240800EXTRACT TOOL46 - Immediate
115 - Factory Stock
0638240800 product page link
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Published: 2014-02-27