Ultra-Fit™ Power Connectors

Molex's Ultra-Fit series eliminates same-circuit-size cross mating, optimizes space savings, and reduces terminal back-out

Image of Molex's Ultra-Fit™ Power ConnectorsEach industry faces different power connector challenges. Failures can occur in appliances as a result of mis-mated connectors. Terminal back-out or other potential assembly errors can lead to dangerous brake malfunctions in vehicles. Pervasive data growth is driving PCB makers to use more electronics in smaller spaces; sourcing small yet power-dense electronics is a dilemma. Molex's Ultra-Fit power connectors address these issues, solving four key design challenges while offering the premium housing features of proven Mini-Fit® and Micro-Fit 3.0™ connector systems. Color-coded housings mitigate the risk of mis-mating. Optional TPA retainers significantly reduce terminal back-out. A streamlined design that is 17% smaller than competing power connectors provides space savings and an ultra-low mating force reduces operator fatigue when mating numerous high-circuit connectors.

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Features and Benefits
  • Multiple mechanical keying and color-coded options
    • Allow same-circuit, multiple connector use with virtually no chance of cross mating. Color coding provides visual indication of the proper mating connector enabling faster assembly
  • 17% reduction in pitch over similar power connectors
    • Current-dense design saves PCB space. Allows for smaller packaging without sacrificing current-carrying capabilities
  • Optional terminal position assurance (TPA) retainer
    • Guarantees the terminal is fully seated in the housing to reduce terminal back-out. Retains terminal if main retention feature fails
  • Ultra-low mating force terminal
    • Reduces operator fatigue and improves assembly compliance for high-circuit applications
  • Positive-lock housing with anti-snag design
    • Ensures mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage. Provides an audible click while mating. Protects latch from damage due to wire snags
  • Fully isolated terminals
    • Protect against potential damage of the header and receptacle terminals during handling and mating
  • Terminal interface with six independent points of contact (split-box terminal design)
    • Offers redundant, secondary current paths for long-term performance and reliability

Crimp Housings

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
1722561002 datasheet linkRCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 02 CKT1722561002RCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 02 CKT21925 - Immediate
1722561002 product page link
1722581004 datasheet linkRCPT HSG DUAL V0 BLK 04 CKT1722581004RCPT HSG DUAL V0 BLK 04 CKT48141 - Immediate
1722581004 product page link
1722561003 datasheet linkRCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 03 CKT1722561003RCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 03 CKT32904 - Immediate
1722561003 product page link
1722561004 datasheet linkRCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 04 CKT1722561004RCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 04 CKT422439 - Immediate
1722561004 product page link
1722581006 datasheet linkRCPT HSG DUAL V0 BLK 06 CKT1722581006RCPT HSG DUAL V0 BLK 06 CKT63269 - Immediate
1722581006 product page link
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PCB Headers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPitch - MatingAvailable QuantityView Details
1722861102 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT1722861102ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT0.138" (3.50mm)5068 - Immediate
1722861102 product page link
1722861103 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT1722861103ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT0.138" (3.50mm)1738 - Immediate
1722861103 product page link
1722861104 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 04CKT1722861104ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 04CKT0.138" (3.50mm)5221 - Immediate
1722861104 product page link
1722861202 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT1722861202ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT0.138" (3.50mm)1457 - Immediate
1722861202 product page link
1722861203 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT1722861203ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT0.138" (3.50mm)271 - Immediate
1722861203 product page link
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Crimp Terminals

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1722533023 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533023ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM83301 - Immediate
1722533023 product page link
1722533011 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533011ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM40862 - Immediate
270000 - Factory Stock
1722533011 product page link
1722533111 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533111ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM36557 - Immediate
15000 - Factory Stock
1722533111 product page link
1722533012 datasheet linkCRIMP TERM 1618 SGOLD 30MI1722533012CRIMP TERM 1618 SGOLD 30MI8265 - Immediate
225000 - Factory Stock
1722533012 product page link
1722533123 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533123ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM79297 - Immediate
1722533123 product page link
1722533112 datasheet linkCRIMP TERM 2022 SGOLD 30MI1722533112CRIMP TERM 2022 SGOLD 30MI24733 - Immediate
30000 - Factory Stock
1722533112 product page link

TPA Retainers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
1722642002 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 02 CKT1722642002ULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 02 CKT220664 - Immediate
1722642002 product page link
1722641003 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 03 CKT1722641003ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 03 CKT315465 - Immediate
16000 - Factory Stock
1722641003 product page link
1722641002 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 02 CKT1722641002ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 02 CKT212370 - Immediate
20000 - Factory Stock
1722641002 product page link
1722642004 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 04 CKT1722642004ULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 04 CKT47193 - Immediate
1722642004 product page link
1722642003 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 03 CKT1722642003ULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 03 CKT32963 - Immediate
1722642003 product page link
1722641008 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 08 CKT1722641008ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 08 CKT81921 - Immediate
1722641008 product page link
1722641005 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 05 CKT1722641005ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 05 CKT5763 - Immediate
1722641005 product page link
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Crimpers and Applicators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTool TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsFeaturesAvailable QuantityView Details
0638275300 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 172253 SIDE0638275300TOOL HAND CRIMPER 172253 SIDEHand Crimper172253-3011, 172253-3012, 172253-3023Side Entry, Ratchet39 - Immediate
55 - Factory Stock
0638275300 product page link
Published: 2016-01-11
Updated : 2017-07-05