Ultra-Fit™ Power Connectors

Molex's Ultra-Fit series eliminates same-circuit-size cross mating, optimizes space savings, and reduces terminal back-out

Image of Molex's Ultra-Fit™ Power ConnectorsEach industry faces different power connector challenges. Failures can occur in appliances as a result of mis-mated connectors. Terminal back-out or other potential assembly errors can lead to dangerous brake malfunctions in vehicles. Pervasive data growth is driving PCB makers to use more electronics in smaller spaces; sourcing small yet power-dense electronics is a dilemma. Molex's Ultra-Fit power connectors address these issues, solving four key design challenges while offering the premium housing features of proven Mini-Fit® and Micro-Fit 3.0™ connector systems. Color-coded housings mitigate the risk of mis-mating. Optional TPA retainers significantly reduce terminal back-out. A streamlined design that is 17% smaller than competing power connectors provides space savings and an ultra-low mating force reduces operator fatigue when mating numerous high-circuit connectors.

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Features and Benefits
  • Multiple mechanical keying and color-coded options
    • Allow same-circuit, multiple connector use with virtually no chance of cross mating. Color coding provides visual indication of the proper mating connector enabling faster assembly
  • 17% reduction in pitch over similar power connectors
    • Current-dense design saves PCB space. Allows for smaller packaging without sacrificing current-carrying capabilities
  • Optional terminal position assurance (TPA) retainer
    • Guarantees the terminal is fully seated in the housing to reduce terminal back-out. Retains terminal if main retention feature fails
  • Ultra-low mating force terminal
    • Reduces operator fatigue and improves assembly compliance for high-circuit applications
  • Positive-lock housing with anti-snag design
    • Ensures mated connector assemblies will not accidentally disengage. Provides an audible click while mating. Protects latch from damage due to wire snags
  • Fully isolated terminals
    • Protect against potential damage of the header and receptacle terminals during handling and mating
  • Terminal interface with six independent points of contact (split-box terminal design)
    • Offers redundant, secondary current paths for long-term performance and reliability

Crimp Housings

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
1722561002 datasheet linkRCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 02 CKT1722561002RCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 02 CKT211128 - Immediate
1722561002 product page link
1722561003 datasheet linkRCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 03 CKT1722561003RCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 03 CKT32694 - Immediate
1722561003 product page link
1722561004 datasheet linkRCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 04 CKT1722561004RCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 04 CKT422151 - Immediate
1722561004 product page link
1722561006 datasheet linkRCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 06 CKT1722561006RCPT HSG SGL V0 BLK 06 CKT61629 - Immediate
1722561006 product page link
1722581004 datasheet linkRCPT HSG DUAL V0 BLK 04 CKT1722581004RCPT HSG DUAL V0 BLK 04 CKT45458 - Immediate
1722581004 product page link
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PCB Headers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPitch - MatingAvailable QuantityView Details
1722861102 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT1722861102ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT0.138" (3.50mm)4664 - Immediate
1722861102 product page link
1722861202 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT1722861202ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 02CKT0.138" (3.50mm)01722861202 product page link
1722861103 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT1722861103ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT0.138" (3.50mm)7297 - Immediate
1722861103 product page link
1722861203 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT1722861203ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 03CKT0.138" (3.50mm)1992 - Immediate
1722861203 product page link
1722861104 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CONN HDR 04CKT1722861104ULTRAFIT CONN HDR 04CKT0.138" (3.50mm)5051 - Immediate
1722861104 product page link
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Crimp Terminals

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1722533011 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533011ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM60845 - Immediate
135000 - Factory Stock
1722533011 product page link
1722533023 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533023ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM50304 - Immediate
330000 - Factory Stock
1722533023 product page link
1722533111 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533111ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM32480 - Immediate
1722533111 product page link
1722533123 datasheet linkULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM1722533123ULTRAFIT CRIMP TERM32059 - Immediate
1722533123 product page link
1722533012 datasheet linkCRIMP TERM 1618 SGOLD 30MI1722533012CRIMP TERM 1618 SGOLD 30MI102055 - Immediate
285000 - Factory Stock
1722533012 product page link
1722533112 datasheet linkCRIMP TERM 2022 SGOLD 30MI1722533112CRIMP TERM 2022 SGOLD 30MI34522 - Immediate
45000 - Factory Stock
1722533112 product page link

TPA Retainers

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsAvailable QuantityView Details
1722642002 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 02 CKT1722642002ULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 02 CKT218387 - Immediate
1722642002 product page link
1722641005 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 05 CKT1722641005ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 05 CKT53437 - Immediate
1722641005 product page link
1722641007 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 07 CKT1722641007ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 07 CKT72468 - Immediate
1722641007 product page link
1722641002 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 02 CKT1722641002ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 02 CKT201722641002 product page link
1722642003 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 03 CKT1722642003ULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 03 CKT32846 - Immediate
1722642003 product page link
1722642004 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 04 CKT1722642004ULTRAFIT TPA V0 NAT 04 CKT47952 - Immediate
1722642004 product page link
1722641008 datasheet linkULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 08 CKT1722641008ULTRAFIT TPA V0 BLK 08 CKT81546 - Immediate
1722641008 product page link
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Crimpers and Applicators

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTool TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsFeaturesAvailable QuantityView Details
0638275300 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 172253 SIDE0638275300TOOL HAND CRIMPER 172253 SIDEHand Crimper172253-3011, 172253-3012, 172253-3023Side Entry, Ratchet37 - Immediate
115 - Factory Stock
0638275300 product page link
Published: 2016-01-11
Updated : 2017-07-05